Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Small but meaty show of heifers sold to 277.5ppk for a Charolais cross from the Cumbrian raiders, Hallbankgate Farms, Hallbankgate.

Angus cross heifers from Messrs G Cairns & Partners, Broomhall sold to 247.5ppk.

Charolais Heifers –£1609.50 & £1601.85 Hallbankgate

277.5p & 271.5p Hallbankgate

Angus Heifers –£1532.80 & £1472.63 Broomhall

247.5p & 245.5p Broomhall

Young Bull

A well finished Angus cross bull from Messrs G Carin & Partners, Broomhall Farm sold to 259.5ppk and grossed at £2024.10

Angus-£2024.10 Broomhall

259.5p Broomhall

Cast Cows & OTM

More cows forward this week which saw fabulous returns for the better end of the Continental and fit Angus type cows.

Topping the sale with a fantastic black Limousin cross cow from Messrs J Lee & Son, Agars Hill which went on to realise 249.5ppk. Nine other cows also broke the 200ppk barrier.

Highest grossing cow this week came in Angus form, from J C Rutherford, Old Town selling to £1914.25.

Several other cows sold well past £1600 leaving vendors extremely satisfied with their days trade.

Limousin –£1821.35 Agars Hill, £1741.07 Cornhills, £1734.78 Dukesfield Hall, £1629.70, £1625.40 & £1579.60 Round Meadows, £1525.13 Morley Hill

249.5p Agars Hill, 223.5p Cornhills, 215.5p Dukesfield Hall, 207.5p & 200.5p Morley Hill, 199.5p Allenshields

Angus –£1914.25 Old Town, £1576.70 & £1556.25 South Farm

204.5p South Farm, 201.5p Old Town

Angus x-£1544.49 Bainbridge Farm, £1464.33 & £1350.00 Yatesfield, £1302.62 Aydonshields

196.5p Bainbridge Farm, 187.5p Yatesfield

British Blue –£1642.11 Cornhills, £1295.14 & £1234.67 Buteland

215.5p Cornhills, 189.5p (x2) Agars Hill

British Blue x–£1578.05 Morley Hill, £1500.78 Cornhills

199.5p & 193.5p Morley Hill

Blonde x-£1594.70 Dukesfield Hall

215.5p Dukesfield Hall

Simmental x–£1567.67 & £1565.42 Morley Hill

194.5p & 193.5p Morley Hill

Beef Shorthorn-£1279.39, £1174.78 & £1150.77 Yatesfield

171.5p (x3) Yatesfield

Luing-£1036.35 Low Chesterhope

164.5p Low Chesterhope

Galloway-£817.95 Ramshope Farm

143.5p Ramshope Farm

British Friesian-£893.91 Rennys Barn

124.5p Rennys Barn

Ayshire-£784.38 & £768.50 Marley Cote Walls

132.5p & 125.5p Marley Cote Walls

Stock Bull

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1238 Prime Lambs to a reduced trade as seen nationwide.

Topping the sale was a pair of Suffolk cross lambs at £138 from Rob Tomlinson, Sunniside. Not far behind was a Beltex cross lambs at £136 from Messrs J & E Walby & Son, East House Farm.

Lambs again from East House Farm sold to a top of 309.1ppk.

Not far behind also over 300ppk was a trio from Messrs B A & A M Storrow, Willimoteswick at 302.4ppk.

Lamb entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Texel x –£134 Little Swinburne, £130 High West House, £127 Quarry House, £126 Little Swinburn, Linacres & Quarry House, £125 Catreen, £124.50 Little Swinburn, £124 Quarry House, £123.50 Harwood Shield, £122 Grange House Farm & High West House, £120 Harwood Shield

297.8 Little Swinburne, 284.1p Catreen, 280.0p Little Swinburne & Quarry House, 272.5p East House Farm, 271.1p Grange House Farm, 267.4p Little Swinburne, 264.3p Lords Lot Farm, 263.6p & 263.2p Agars Hill

Suffolk x –£138 Sunniside, £130 Great Bavington, £124.50 Lords Lot Farm, £122.50 Quarry House, £120 Old Town

237.9 Sunniside, 234.0p Quarry House, 232.7p & 232.3p Sunniside, 225.0p Sillywrea, 223.3p Great Bavington, 222.7p Quarry House, 222.2p West Shields

Beltex x –£136 East House Farm, £126 Linacres

309.1p & 287.5p East House Farm, 286.4p Linacres

Dutch Texel-£124 Willimoteswick

302.4p Willimoteswick

Charollais x-£118 (x2) Sunniside

235.9p & 234.4p Sunniside

Mule –£116 Harwood Shield

215.6p West Deanraw, 213.5p & 213.0p Harwood Shield

Blackface –£110 West Deanraw