Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A Smaller and leaner show of clean this week, but a great trade was seen with handy weight Charolais x heifers from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton selling to 314.5ppk.

Lead grossing heifer came from Messrs Graham, Miller Hill with a Limousin x realising £1786.95.

Leading prices;

Limousin Heifers – £1786.95, £1764.15 & £1620.80 Miller Hill

313.5p (x2) & 309.5p Miller Hill

Charolais x Heifers – £1698.30, £1672.95 & £1667.08 Flotterton

214.5p & 293.5 (x2) Flotterton

Angus x Heifers – £1698.45 Houselope Grange

253.5p Houselope Grange

Cast Cows & OTM

The Hexham cow ring again going from strength to strength and leading the market averages, with a sale of seventy-five cows of all types returning a healthy average of 196.9ppk and £1450.07.

Leading the sale at 261.5ppk was a magnificent black Limousin x cow from Messrs G & E A Herdman, Lunns House. The same cow peaked the grossing charts, selling to £1961.25.

Messrs J E Woodman, Great Chesters had a great run of ¾ beef bred cows, selling to £1958.49 and to 231.5ppk.

Making another successful trip down from Swarland was Messrs A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall, who sold Limousin cows to 234.5ppk.

Another travelling down the A1 to take advantage of the competitive Hexham ring was Mr W D Allen, Humbleheugh, Alnwick, who sold over age Pure Angus heifers to 246.5ppk and heavy Angus cows to £1949.73.

Entries to Drew on 07854 361967.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1961.25 Lunns House, £1958.49 & £1939.30 Great Chesters, £1763.33 East Unthank, £1729.13 Allenshields, £1712.10 Lunns House, £1664.55 Quarry House, £1644.00 & £1607.40 Great Chesters, £1603.32 Allenshields

261.5p Lunns House, 234.5p Swarland Old Hall, 231.5p Great Chesters, 230.5p East Unthank, 225.5p Great Chesters, Quarry House & Swarland Old Hall, 219.5p Lunns House, 217.5p & 215.5p Allenshields

Angus – £1949.73, £1711.52, £1697.75, £1689.77 & £1663.13 Humbleheugh

233.5p, 203.5p & 201.5p Humbleheugh

Angus x – £1715.73 High Barns, £1583.71 High Yarridge, £1566.60 West Shields, £1528.92 Barker House, £1498.83 Warksfield Head

205.5p Barker House, 193.5p Redesmouth, 191.5p High Yarridge, 188.5p High Barns

British Blue – £1740.03, £1707.38, £1601.25 & £1545.14 Great Chesters, £1530.98 Greyside

217.5p, 215.5p & 213.5p (x2) Great Chesters, 205.5p Barker House & Greyside

British Blue x – £1336.88 Greyside

187.5p Greyside

Simmental – £1526.85 Greyside, £1404.00 Warksfield Head

188.5p Demesne & Greyside

Whitebred Shorthorn x – £1223.79 Greyside

169.5p Greyside

Saler x – £1076.34 West Shields

188.5p West Shields

Luing x – £1019.48 Low Chesterhope

165.5p Low Chesterhope


Angus – £1774.80 Humbleheugh, £1628.60 West Shields

246.5p Humbleheugh, 239.5p West Shields

Young Bull

Angus – £1875.30 Barker House

199.5p Barker House

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 996 Prime Hoggs to an increased ring of buyers and an increased trade which is £30.70 or 69ppk up on the year, with the overall sale average being 302.8ppk of £139.40 for a sale which included a lot of Mule, horned and lean sheep.

Topping the sale at £170 was a Texel from Messrs Teasdale, Kellah.

Not far behind at £169 was a pair from Mr D Dixon, Middle Heads, and a pair from Mr A Peart & Son, Woodcroft at £168.

Top ppk was a lightweight corker at 363.2ppk or £138 from RRE & JR Reay, St Oswalds who took top 3 spots in the ppk department.

More hoggs can be handled at Hexham with a great ring of buyers keen for sheep.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to Jack or Harrison to discuss further.

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £170 Kellah, £169 Middle Heads, £168 Woodcroft, £165 Cheeseburn & Palm Strothers, £164 Cheeseburn, £161 St Oswalds & Cheeseburn, £160 Brokenheugh, Cheeseburn & Rare Dean, £158 St Oswalds, Broomhall, East Newham, Lilswood & Cheeseburn, £156.50 Haggate, £155 East Matfen (x2), £154.50 St Oswalds, £154 High Eshells & Broomhall, £153 Woodcroft

336.3p St Oswalds, 331.7p Woodcroft, 331.4p Middle Heads, 331.3p St Oswalds, 329.8p Haggate, 329.2p Cheeseburn, 328.1p East Matfen, 327.5p St Oswalds, 323.8p Woodcroft, 323.3p Cheeseburn, 322.8p Woodcroft & Great Chesters, 322.5p Woodcroft, 321.9p St Oswalds, 320.2p Haggate, 318.8p Woodcroft, 318.5p Colepike, 318.2p Blackburn, 317.8p Great Chesters, 317.4p Cheeseburn, 316.7p High Alderheads, 316.3p East Matfen (x2), 316.0p Broomhall

Suffolk x – £160 Aydonshields, £159 Rare Dean, £158 East Newham, Baal Hill & Palm Strothers, £154 Broomhall, £151.50 Rare Dean, £147.50 High Alderheads, £144.50 & £143.50 Palm Strothers, £143 Middle Heads

312.0p Palm Strothers, 311.1p Cheeseburn, 307.5p Palm Strothers, 307.3p High Alderheads, 305.8p West Shields, 304.3p Middle Heads, 303.9p Baal Hill & Palm Strothers, 302.0p Broomhall

Beltex x – £138 & £134 St Oswalds

363.2p & 335.0p St Oswalds

Cheviot Mule – £151 Lilswood

296.1p Lilswood

Mule – £154 Quarry House, £146.50 Kellah, £141.50 Quarry House, £141 Woodcroft, £140.50 Quarry House, £139 Harwood Shield & Kellah

292.7p Quarry House, 289.6p Kellah, 288.8p Quarry House, 287.8p Woodcroft, 285.4p Baal Hill & Burn House, 285.2p Quarry House

Cheviot – £144 & £127 Flotterton, £125 Quickeningcote, £124.50 Dudlees

311.3p Dudlees, 309.8p Flotterton, 307.3p Quickeningcote, 306.4p Flotterton

Cheviot x – £119.50 Baal Hill

298.8p Baal Hill

Blackface – £140 Great Chesters, £139 Quarry House

284.4p & 278.0p Quarry House

Kerry Hill – £137.50 Comb Hills

292.6p Comb Hills