Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A much larger show of clean cattle this week, consisting of mainly heavy sorts.

Leading the sale was a lovely black heifer from mid Northumberland finishers Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene, selling to 319.5ppk to regular supporters, R Peason Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Highest grossing animal came out of Durham this week, a very well finished, homebred Limousin cross heifer from Messrs J B & N Harrison, Colepike Home Farm. She went on to realise £2312.14, again to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

The same home enjoyed a buoyant heavy steer trade, selling Blonde cross steers to £2263.89.

Entries to Drew on 07854 367967

Leading prices;

Blonde x Steers – £2263.89, £2208.05 & £2082.10 Colepike

289.5p, 281.5p & 279.5p Colepike

Charolais x Steers – £2263.26 Flotterton

281.5p & 280.5p Flotterton

Limousin Heifers – £2312.14 Colepike, £2140.65, £2000.00 & £1956.10 Paxton Dene

319.5p, 315.5p & 312.5p Paxton Dene, 306.5p Beacon Rigg

Blonde x Heifers – £1870.33 Colepike

269.5p Colepike

Charolais x Heifers – £1698.47 Flotterton

284.5p Flotterton

Angus x Heifers – £1712.70 & £1609.65 Heckley High House

259.5p & 255.5p Heckley High House

Cast Cows & OTM

Another great trade witnessed in the Hexham cast ring, with trade once again a touch sharper with a leaner show on offer compared to last week and on average up 3ppk.

A sale average of £1261.04 and 182.5ppk leaves the competition behind and vendors happy with their days trading.

Taking the top two prices was Messrs J Lee & Sons, Agars Hill who sold Blue cross cows to 239.5ppk and Limousin cross cows to 229.5ppk.

Top grossing cow came from Colepike Home Farm, Lanchester, with an Angus cross realising £1777.50.

More cows needed on a weekly basis to satisfy demand.

Entries to Drew on 07854 367967

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1587.46 Haggate, £15232.50 Chirdon, £1491.08 Beacon Rigg, £1466.26 Glebe, £1455.63 & £1411.78 Lunns House

229.5p Agars Hill, 219.5p Glebe, 217.5p Chirdon, 211.5p Beacon Rigg, 195.5p Haggate, 191.5p Agars Hill

Angus x – £1777.50 Colepike, £1664.10 Springwell, £1539.00 & £1525.36 The Raw, £1518.98 Beacon Rigg, £1459.15 Newlands Haugh, £1434.68 Heckley High House

202.5p The Raw, 201.5p Heckley High House & The Raw, 197.5p Colepike, 193.5p Springwell & Beacon Rigg

British Blue – £1458.73 Haggate, £1453.77 Agars Hill

239.5p Agars Hill, 207.5p Haggate

Simmental x – £1456.48 Chatton Park

195.5p Chatton Park

Charolais x – £1499.63 Newlands Haugh

193.5p Newlands Haugh

Hereford – £1134.44 Chatton Park

179.5p Chatton Park

Hereford x – £1405.61 Chatton Park, 1376.77 Newlands Haugh, £1256.50 Chatton Park

183.5p Chattton Park, 179.5p Chatton Park & Newlands Haugh

Galloway – £856.64 & £852.15 Batey Shield

149.5p Batey Shield (x2)

Stock Bull

Limousin – £1464.75 Prospect Grange

157.5p Prospect Grange

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 980 Prime Hoggs, with a smaller entry on the week but trade just as dear with weight paying most, with hoggs from across the counties and South-West Scotland.

Topping the sale at £166 was Texels from C & C Farming, Flotterton Cottage.

Not far behind at £165 was a pair of Dutch Texels from Messrs B A & A M Storrow & Son, Willimoteswick.

Top ppk was a Texel at 326.3ppk from Messrs A J & T Snaith, Great Tosson.

Please keep entering your hoggs.

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £166 Flotterton, £160 Grange House, £158 Flotterton, £157 Rusheylaw, £156 Grange House & Flotterton, £155.50 Rusheylaw, £154 Old Town, £152.50 Baal Hill, £152 Baal Hill, £151 Old Town & Middle Heads, £150 Nunwick, £148 High West House & Holly Hill West, £147 Holly Hill West & Baal Hill, £146 West Shields, £145 Bankfoot (x2)

326.3p Great Tosson, 309.5p & 302.4p Nunwick, 302.1p Middle Heads, 302.0p High West House, 300.0p Partridge Nest (x2), 297.7p Bankfoot, 296.9p Old Town, 296.0p Holly Hill West, 295.0p Partridge Nest & High West House, 294.1p Low Eshells, 292.7p High West House, 292.6p (x2) & 292.3p Temon, 292.0p West Shields, 291.8p Low Bishopton, 291.5p Aydonshields, 290.7p Partridge Nest, 290.2p Low Bishopton, 290.0p Holly Hill West

Dutch Texel – £165 & £145 Willimoteswick

312.5p & 310.0p Willimoteswick

Suffolk x – £152 Nilston Rigg, £150 Lunns House, £148 Sunniside, £146 Old Town & Aydonshields, £144.50 Nunwick, £143.50 Baal Hill (x2), £142 Lunns House, £140 West Shields

283.3p Nunwick, 280.8p Old Town, 279.8p Holystone, 279.3p Sunniside, 278.4p Lunns House, 278.1p Middle Heads, 276.0p Baal Hill (x2), 275.5p Aydonshields

Beltex x – £147 Blackburn, £138 Low Eshells

297.7p & 294.0p Blackburn, 293.6p Low Eshells

Charolais x – £163 Sunniside, £156 Low Barns, £149 Sunniside (x2)

286.5p, 283.3p & 281.1p Sunniside

Cheviot Mule – £137 High Eshells

274.0p High Eshells

Mule – £133 Low Bishopton, £121 Baal Hill, £119 Holly Hill West

275.0p & 269.8p Great Tosson, 264.4p Holly Hill West, 260.8p Low Bishopton

Cheviot – £134 Flotterton

273.5p Flotterton

Cheviot x – £119 Holystone Estate, £117 Willimoteswick, £116.50 Baal Hill, £116 Low Bishopton

289.7p Holystone Estate, 282.1p Low Bishopton

Blackface – £110 Great Tosson

268.3p Great Tosson

Zwartble – £150 West Shields

250.0p West Shields

Jacob – £132 & £131 Low Barns

262.0p Low Barns

Kerry Hill – £119 Grange House

264.4p Grange House