Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A small entry of clean that sold well, topping at 301.5ppk for a Limousin x from Messrs Graham, Miller Hill.

Leading prices;

Limousin Heifers – £1731.11, £1636.25 & £1423.08 Miller Hill

301.5p, 299.5p &297.5p Miller Hill

Angus x Heifers – £1387.24 Heckley High House

219.5p Heckley High House

Cast Cows & OTM

Another good entry of cows that met a firm trade very similar on the previous week.

Good continental cows sold to 218.5ppk for a Limousin x from Messrs J S Gibson & Son, Thornton Tower.

Top grossing cow came from Mr R H Frater, Moorlaws with a Simmental x cow cashing at £1669.35.

A great run of Stabiliser cows from Mrs V S Allgood, Nunwick sold to £1638.36.

Entries to Drew Patrick 07854 361967.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1584.13 Thornton Tower, £1523.82 Moorlaws, £1496.04 Glebe Farm, £1441.36 Woodcroft, £1420.29 West Nubbock

218.5p Thornton Tower, 209.5p Woodcroft, 205.5p Glebe Farm, 193.5p West Nubbock

Angus – £1623.81 & £1522.58 South Farm

169.5p & 167.5p South Farm

Angus x – £1545.88 & £1251.20 Heckley High House, £1223.01 Buildings Farm, £1208.24 Sunniside, £1197.00 West Shields

207.5p Heckley High House, 199.5p West Shields & Heckley High House, 160.5p Buildings Farm, 159.5p Heckley High House & Sunniside

British Blue – £1621.03 Prospect Grange, £1533.43 Glebe Farm

207.5p Glebe Farm, 206.5p Prospect Grange

British Blue x – £1322.60 Sunniside

194.5p Sunniside

Simmental x – £1669.35 Moorlaws, £1075.40 Dunns Houses

179.5p Moorlaws, 147.5p Dunns Houses

Stabiliser – £1638.36, £1462.31, £1391.13 & £1283.85 Nunwick

184.5p, 179.5p, 174.5p & 161.5p Nunwick

Stabiliser x – £1260.00 Nunwick

157.5p Nunwick

Galloway – £1160.85 & £803.72 Hotbank

163.5p & 141.5p Hotbank

Luing – £1000.05 Garden House

147.5p Garden House

Hereford – £982.35 Woodcroft

147.5p Woodcroft

Blue Grey – £937.60 Moorlaws

146.5p Moorlaws

British Friesian – £861.18 Rennys Barn

129.5p Rennys Barn

Saler x – £812.70 West Shields

157.5p West Shields

Montbeliarde x – £778.10 Round Meadows

125.5p Round Meadows

Young Bulls

A small number of fat bulls forward, with well fleshed bulls topping at 269.5ppk and £1967.35 from J Murray, Jesmond House.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1967.35 & £1457.47Jesmond House

255.5p & 239.5p Jesmond House

Stabiliser x – £1603.53 & £1572.08 Jesmond House

269.5p & 245.5p Jesmond House

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 1173 prime lambs to a great trade considering the show forward.

Topping the sale at £167 was Texels from Messrs J Browell & Sons, Quarry House.

Top ppk was 325ppk for 7 lambs from Messrs J & E Walby & Son, East House.

Thankyou to all farmers for their cooperation with belly clipping. Please bring your lambs early so they can be clipped.

Entries to Jack 07739 440457

Leading prices;

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £167 Quarry House, £158 & £155 (x2) Nilston Rigg, £153.50 Nilston Rigg & Quarry house, £150 Nilston Rigg & East White Hill, £149 Aydonshields, £147 Old Town & Blue House, £146 Nilston Rigg & Demesne, £144.50 Little Brampton, £144 Holystone Estate, £143.50 Middle Heads, £143 Great Chesters, £141.50 Nilston Rigg, £140 Nilston Rigg & High Warden

325.0p East House, 302.4p Brokenheugh, 298.8p Matfen Estate (x2), 292.4p Quarry House, 290.7p Brokenheugh, 290.5p Quarry House, 290.0p East House, 289.3p Quarry House, 289.0p Matfen Estate & East House (x2), 288.4p Matfen Estate, 285.6p Quarry House, 285.3p East House, 285.1p Quarry House

Dutch Texel – £137.50, £125, £123.50 (x2) & £122.50 Willimoteswick

279.0p, 278.4p, 277.8p, 269.6p & 268.5p Willimoteswick

Suffolk x – £148.50 Lunns House, £137.50 Nilston Rigg, £136.50 Lunns House, £135.50 East White Hill, £134.50 Holystone Estate, £134 Old Town, £131.50 East House & Delight

275.0p Nilston Rigg, 271.0p East White Hill, 269.1p Holystone Estate, 268.4p Delight, 266.7p Aydonshields, 265.2p Lunns House, 263.3p Lowes Fell, 263.0p West Shields, 262.8p Old Town, 262.5p Lunns House (x2), 262.2p East Newham

Beltex x – 287.8p East House

Cheviot Mule – £129 Lowes Fell

268.8p Lowes Fell

Mule – £135.50 Nilston Rigg, £135 New Houses

252.1p Demesne, 247.0p New Houses, 245.0p Quarry House

Blackface – £119 Quickeningcote

233.3p Quickeningcote

Swaledale – £95.50 Haggate

217.1p Haggate

Cheviot x – £109.50 Holystone Estate

260.7p Holystone Estate