Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A small but mighty show of clean with real quality forward.

A very smart and well finished Limousin cross heifer from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene sold to 321.5ppk to Allendale Butchers.

The same home sold steers to £1826.95.

Leading prices;

Limousin Heifers – £1816.48, £1806.70 & £1732.10 Paxton Dene, £1612.96 Thornton Tower

321.5p, 315.5p & 311.5p Paxton Dene, 296.5p Thornton Tower

Limousin steers – £1826.95 Paxton Dene

299.5p Paxton Dene

Cast Cows & OTM

A better show of cows met a slightly sharper trade on the week, selling to 227.5ppk for a super Limousin cross cow from Messrs J Lee & Sons, Agars Hill.

Large Angus cross cows from Messrs C A & J Watmore, Holystone Estate sold to £1836.45.

Leaner, plainer sorts regularly sold in excess of 155ppk, with finishers still actively seeking cows to feed.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1888.25 Agars Hill, £1622.65 Middle Heads, £1572.65 Agars Hill, £1303.40 East Greenridge, £1276.00 The Brigg

227.5p & 221.5p Agars Hill, 207.5p & 177.5p Middle Heads, 175.5p Thornton Tower, 171.5p East Greenridge

Angus – £1494.45 Lowes Fell, £1256.98 East Butsfield

184.5p Lowes Fell, 183.5p East Butsfield

Angus x – £1836.45 & £1308.15 Holystone Estate, £1227.78 Barker House

195.5p & 185.5p Holystone Estate, 167.5p Barker House, 161.5p Holystone Estate & Barker House

British Blue – £1697.33 High Town, £1499.88 Broomhall, £1161.37 Agars Hill

213.5p High Town, 179.5p Agars Hill, 177.5p Broomhall

British Blue x – £1583.73 Agars Hill

221.5p Agars Hill

Simmental x – £1724.33 East Greenridge

207.5p East Greenridge

Charolais x – £1528.81 & £1513.88 Low Burradon

195.5p & 183.5p Low Burradon

Blonde x – £1111.72 The Tofts

159.5p The Tofts

Luing – £833.38 Low Chesterhope

147.5p Low Chesterhope

Galloway – £953.81 High Thorneyburn

159.5p High Thorneyburn

Highland – £629.48 West Edmondsley

115.5p West Edmondsley

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 1722 prime lambs to a much-improved trade for all classes.

Topping the sale at £166 was Texels from Nilston Rigg Farms.

At £160 was Texels from Mr A Walker, Newbiggen Hill.

A great pen of 7 Charolais x lambs sold to £159 from Robert Tomlinson, Sunniside.

Topping the ppk was Beltex lambs at 312.8ppk from Messrs W N & J C Gilhespy, Tedcastle.

Not far behind at 312.5ppk was a pen of 8 Beltex lambs from Matfen Home Farms and a pen of 15 Beltex x lambs at the same price from Messrs G Carins & Partners, Broomhall.

Next week is the beginning on belly clipping.

All lambs must be belly clipped due to buyer’s request.

All will be clipped BEFORE the sale, and this will commence at 7am.

The charge for clipping is 60p per lamb.

If you belly clip your lambs at home, continue to do so and inform staff on arrival.

The ballot will still be drawn as normal at 9am for all lambs in the mart.

Any enquires please don’t hesitate to contact Jack on 07739 440457.

Please continue to enter your lambs.

Leading prices;

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £166 Nilston Rigg, £160 Newbiggin Hill, £156 Tedcastle, £153 Great Tosson, £152 & £151 Nilston Rigg, £150 Newbiggin Hill, £149 Hard Riding (x2), £148 Tedcastle & Nilston Rigg, £147 Chesterwood & Nilston Rigg, £145 Tedcastle, £144 Littlebeck, £143 Nilston Rigg, £141 High Warden, £140.50 Nilston Rigg, £140 Codlaw Hill

312.5p Matfen Home Farms & Broomhall, 310.0p (x2) & 307.9p Matfen Home Farms, 306.7p Hard Riding, 306.1p Matfen Home Farms, 301.2p Camphill, 298.8p Matfen Home Farms, 297.5p Hard Riding, 297.4p, 394.4p & 292.7p East House, 292.3p Great Tosson, 291.5p Matfen Home Farms

Dutch Texel – £144 (x2), £142 (x2) & £139 Burntongues

298.7, 290.7p & 282.2p Burntongues

Suffolk x – £150 Flotterton, £146Old Town, £144 Flotterton, £142.50 Nilston Rigg, £139.50 Lunns House, £136.50 Old Town, £133 Codlaw Hill, £131.50 Lunns House

272.6p Tedcastle, 267.7p Flotterton, 266.0p Codlaw Hill, 263.5p Broomhall, 263.3p Lunns House, 263.2p Flotterton, 262.5p Old Town, 261.9p Codlaw Hill, 260.5p East Newham, 260.4p Dukesfield Hall

Beltex x – £147 Tedcastle

312.8p Tedcastle, 305.1p & 291.9p East House, 290.2p Tedcastle

Charolais x – £159, £147.50 & £144.50 Sunniside

266.0p, 265.0p & 262.7p Sunniside

Cheviot Mule – £133 Flotterton, £126.50 High Eshells

260.8p Flotterton

Mule – £137 Great Tosson, £130 Harwood Shield, £124 Nilston Rigg, £123 Great Chesters, £122.50 Holly Hill West & Tenter House, £122 Harwood Shield & Hotbank

258.1p Flotterton & The Bungalow, 257.8p Great Chesters, 256.4p Flotterton, 255.2p Tenter House, 253.3p Hotbank

Blackface – £117 Great Chesters, £110 & £109 Hotbank

248.9p Great Chesters, 244.4p Greenleas & Hotbank, 244.3p Stoop Rigg, 242.2p Hotbank

Swaledale – £89.50 Boltshope

229.5p Boltshope

Leicester – £122 Hotbank

242.7p Harwood Shield