Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Clean cattle a little dearer on the week. Charolais cross heifers from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton sold to 289.5ppk.

Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding sold heavier heifers to £1837.99

British Blue Heifers –£1837.99 Hard Riding

269.5p Hard Riding  

Charolais Heifers –£1693.58 & £1581.58 Flotterton

289.5p & 279.5p Flotterton

Angus Steers-£1593.93 East Uppertown

257.5p East Uppertown

Cast Cows & OTM

A small and poorer show of cast cows this week with a larger number of leaner, older types forward. Trade however just as dear, maybe even a touch sharper once again, leaving vendors feeling full of love and joy with their days trading.

A Charolais cross cow from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton took all the attention and sold to 277.5ppk.

Life is like a box of Chocolates for Messrs R English & son, Brownsleazes when it comes to selling cows on a Tuesday. A well fleshed Limousin cross cow from this home went on to realise £2170.65

Beef Shorthorn cows from Mr J C Oliver, East Farm also felt the love selling to a £2022.75.

Making the first trip down the A1 with cows to Hexham was H Tulip & Son, Bilton Farm, Alnwick who sold well fleshed Blue cross cows to £1960.10.

Cupid struck his match with Ayshire cows from Messrs GG Baynes & Son, Marley Cote Walls, cashed away at 201.5ppk and grossing to £1293.75.

Plenty leaner, feeding types cashing between 185-190ppk.  More cows could have easily been sold.

Entries to Drew on 07854 361967

Limousin –£2170.65 Brownsleazes, £1772.00 Bilton Farm, £1683.83 Thornton Tower, £1631.55 Bilton Farm, £1551.87 Dukesfield Hall, £1519.28 West End Town, £1514.55 Flotterton

257.5p Hope House, 249.5p Brownsleazes, 235.5p (x2) Thornton Tower, 223.5p & 221.5p Bilton Farm

Angus x-£1551.00 Flotterton

258.5p Flotterton

British Blue-£1694.33 Little Swinburne, £1352.18 East Fourstones, £1343.03 Dukesfield Hall

217.5p Little Swinburne, 211.5p Dukesfield Hall

British Blue x–£1960.10 Bilton Farm

223.5p Bilton Farm

Beef Shorthorn-£2022.75 Great Whittington

227.5p Great Whittington

Charolais x-£1581.75 Flotterton

277.5p Flotterton

Hereford-£1473.75 & £1366.58 East Fourstones

199.5p & 196.5p East Fourstones

Simmental x–£1305.15 Little Swinburne

169.5p Little Swinburne

South Devon-£1497.93 Hareshaw

209.5p Hareshaw

Ayshire-£1293.75 & £1007.50 Marley Cote Walls

201.5p Marley Cote Walls

British Friesian-£1029.00 Peepy Farm

171.5p Peepy Farm

Holstein Friesian-£919.43 Cairnhead

149.5p Cairnhead

Belted Galloway-£657.80 Gallaw Hill

149.5p Gallaw Hill

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 831 Prime Hoggs to a similar trade on the week with the love for all breeds, shapes and sizes forward.

Topping the sale was a pair of Texels at £133 from Nilston Rigg Farms who went on to sell another pair at £132.

Three wasn’t a crowd as a trio of Texels peaked 268.3ppk from Messrs T G Temple & Son, Low Hall.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Entries to Harrison on 07895 761102

Texel x –£133, £132 & £130 Nilston Rigg, £129.50 Great Chesters, £127.50 Low Hall, £126.50 Colepike, £126 Bankfoot & Townfoot, £125.50 Nilston Rigg, £125 Bensons Fell & Low Hall, £124 Bankfoot, Low Hall & Nilston Rigg, £123.50 Low Hall & South Farm, £123 & £122 Low Eshells

268.3p, 266.0p, 259.5p & 258.7p Low Hall, 256.0p Low Hall & Woodcroft, 255.7p Burn House, 254.9p & 254.7p Matfen Home Farm, 253.7p High Baulk, 253.3p & 252.0p Low Hall

Suffolk x –£129 Nilston Rigg, £128 Whitchester, £123.50 Baal Hill & Great Bavington, £122 Whitchester, £117.50 Rare Dene Farm, £116 Baal Hill, £115.50 Middle Heads

240.6p Middle Heads, 237.5p Colepike, 233.0p & 232.0p Baal Hill, 229.8p West Shields, 228.9p Colepike

Beltex x –£131 Whitchester

251.9p Whitchester

Charollais x-£124.50 Great Bavington

234.9p Great Bavington

Mule –£116 & £110 Nilston Rigg, £106.50 Baal Hill, £104.50 Tenter House

220.7p & 217.4p Baal Hill, 215.9p Tenter House

Cheviot-£95 Quickeningcote, £92 Flotterton

231.7p Quickeningcote, 224.4p Flotterton

Aberfield-£106.50 Whitchester

236.7p Whitchester

Blackface –£121.50 Great Chesters, £120, £117 & £116 (x2) Nilston Rigg

210.9p, 208.9p & 207.1p Nilston Rigg

Swaledale-£109 & £100 Woodcroft

212.8p Woodcroft

Prime Ewe

Ewes topped at £78 for a pen of 20 Blackface ewes from A & S Murray & Son, West Deanraw

Blackface–£78 West Deanraw