Final Tup Sale

Hexham Auction Mart

Hexham and Northern Marts held their final Ram sale of the season and offered a varied catalogue of 239 Hill and lowland breeds.

The prize show of Hill Rams was well supported and judged as follows;

Blackface Shearling Rams-Judged by John Pattinson, Hexham

1st-Messrs Robson, The Hole

2nd-Nilston Rigg Farms, Nilston Rigg

3rd-Messrs Forster, West Nubbock

Swaledale Shearling Rams Judged by Craig Ridley, Blanchland

1st-Messrs Vickers, Glenwhelt

2nd-Messrs Bell, Woodhall

3rd-Messrs Golightly, Lilswood

Cheviot Shearling Rams-Judged by Willie Richardson, Larton

1st-FT Walton, Flotterton

2nd-Springwood Estate, Springwood

3rd-FT Walton, Flotterton

Trade was easier than seen at the earlier sales; horned sheep where difficult to place, Cheviot Rams were distinctly in more demand and they peaked at £1000 from FT Walton, Flotterton.

Both Blue and Crossed type Leicester’s found new homes selling from £350-£550 per head.

The Company would like to thank all consigners, purchasers and our respective breed class judges for their final sale of the season. We wish you all the best with this next years lambing and hope to see you all for next year’s Ram sales.


Shearling-£1000, £800 & £780 Flotterton, £620 Humbleheugh, £540 Springwood Estate, £500 Humbleheugh, £480 Flotterton, £420 Flotterton & West Mill Hills, £400 Flotterton & West Mill Hills, £380 Rock, £360 West Mill Hills, £320 Ottercops, Flotterton (x2) & Woodbine Cottage, £300 Springwood Estate


Shearling-£260 Hole Farm, £150 West Nubbock, £130 Nilston Rigg

4 Shear-£260 Greenleas


Shearling-£280 Softley Farm, £180 Lilswood & Stobby Lea, £160 Kirkhaugh, Spittalshield & Coldshield


Shearling-£550 Camphill, £540 & £520 Quarry House, £480 Brownsleazes, £420 Glebe Farm, £400 (x2) Court Green Farm, £380 Holling Hill & North Shapperton Farm, £360 Holling Hill & Quarry House.

Two Shear-£280 Hoardweel

Three Shear-£280 & £220 Hoardweel

Hexham and Northern Marts held its final sale of Lowland and Continental Tups and what a trade to finish this years Ram Sales here at Hexham.

All tups were keenley bid for and surpassed all Vendors expectations. Taking the top honours were two cracking Texel Tups from Messrs J Herdman, Edlingham Newtown realising £1000.

Charollais Tups from Messrs AJ & T Snaith, Great Tosson sold to £600.

Beltex x Tups from Messrs J Browell & Son, Quarry House went on to sell to £500.

A poor show of Suffolk Tups sold well and to £420 from Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm.


Shearling-£1000 (x2) Edlingham Newtown, £900 Great Tosson, £800 Black Heddon, £750 & £700 Rouchester, £650 West Cottage & Black Heddon, £600 Butterknowes (x2) & Intake Farm, £520 Black Heddon & Intake Farm, £500 Black Heddon


Shearling-£420 Glebe Farm, £400 Nixon Terrace

Two Shear-£250 Nixon Terrace


Shearling-£520 Great Tosson

Two Shear-£450 Dotland Park


Shearling-£350 Great Tosson

Cross Bred

Beltex x Shearling-£500 Quarry House, £480 Holling Hill, £400 Quarry House

Charollais x Shearling-£600 Great Tosson