Christmas Prime Cattle Show & Sale & Prime Sheep

Hexham Christmas Prime Cattle Show & Sale

Hexham and Northern Marts held its annual Christmas Primestock Show and Sale, kindly sponsored by Lloyds Bank and Mole Valley Country Stores. This year the task of judging the 10 classes fell to renowned Yorkshire Butcher, Mr Philip Parkin, Howden, Goole.

Show Results – Judge – Mr P Parkin, Howden

Class:1st Prize2nd Prize
Best Beef CowW Barron, Morrow EdgeG W & C Athey & Son High Lovelady Shield
Dairy Cast CowG G Baynes & Son, Marley Cote WallsMarley Cote Walls
Best Str/Hfr Shown by YFC member (Hexham Courant Cup)Miss R Graham, Miller HillB Moralee       Hard Riding
Young BullJ & A Moralee, Hard RidingH Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene
Lim Cross HeiferJ & A Moralee, Hard RidingJ & A Moralee Hard Riding
Lim Cross SteerRochester & Murray GlebeLilburn Estate
British Blue Cross HeiferI & A Hamilton, ClaywallsN/A
British Blue Cross SteerRochester & Murray, GlebeW H Davison & Son Lough Green
Other Cont. Cross Steer/HfrH Clark & Sons, Paxton DeneF T Walton Flotterton
Native Bred Steer or HeiferFT Walton, FlottertonFTW Walton, Flotterton
Male ChampionRochester & Murray, Glebe 
Female ChampionJ & A Moralee, Hard Riding 
Supreme Overall Champion + Loyds TSB Bank CupJ & A Moralee, Hard Riding 
Res Overall ChampionRochester & Murray, Glebe 

Huge credit must be given to all those that contributed to the show and those that took the time to present cattle. It was commented on more than one occasion that it had to be one of the finest shows of prime cattle seen here at Hexham for a Christmas Primestock Show.

After much deliberation Mr Parkin gave the overall championship and the Lloyds TSB Bank Cup to the Limousin cross Heifer class winner, a lovely lightweight, red heifer from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding. The heifer was shown and turned out impeccably by sons Jack and Ben.

The Reserve Overall Championship went to the steer champion, a Limousin cross from Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm.

Taking the Hexham Courant trophy for the best Young Farmers beast went to a British Blue cross steer that has been show successfully this summer and autumn from Miss Rachael Graham, Miller Hill, Gilsland.  

Outside of the show, a fantastic entry of clean cattle was seen and a fabulous trade to match, especially for the better end of steers and heifers, leaving many vendors ecstatic with their days trading.

Leading the trade was the Champion from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding which went on to realise 400p/kg selling to great supports of Hexham and the live ring in general, R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. The same vendor went on to sell other Limousin cross heifers to 289.5 p/kg also to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Miss Rachael Graham, Miller Hill sold her Young Farmers Champion to 374p/kg to B & T Kitson, Northallerton.

All in all, ten out of the sixty-two cattle forward smashed the 320p/kg barrier.

Highest grossing beast this week came from the north of the county, an outstanding Limousin cross steer from Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, North Middleton, this 725kg steer went on to realise an eye watering £2678.88 again selling to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. Messrs I & A Hamilton, Claywalls brought a strong contingent of Limousin and British Blue cross steers and heifers, selling steers to £2230.59.

On behalf of all the Directors and staff here at Hexham & Northern Marts, thanks must go to all vendors, purchasers & sponsors for their continued support and help to create a memorable day.

Limousin Steers-£2678.88 Lilburn Estates, £2230.59 Claywalls, £2227.06 Lilburn Estates, £2059.05 Colepike, £1976.23, £1959.27, £1958.54 & £1944.59 Paxton Dene, £1936.76 Claywalls, £1919.81 Colepike, £1890.41, £1886.85 & £1865.21 Claywalls, £1826.05 Paxton Dene

369.5p Lilburn Estates, 319.5p Paxton Dene, 315.5p Claywalls, 311.5p Claywalls, 309.5p Glebe Farm & Paxton Dene, 301.5p, 299.5p & 293.5p Claywalls, 291.5p Lilburn Estates, 289.5p Claywalls, 288.5p Paxton Dene,

British Blue Steers-£2561.58 Miller Hill, £2069.55 Lough Green, £1947.65 Paxton Dene

274.5p Miller Hill, 345.5p Lough Green, 305.5p Glebe Farm

Blonde Steers-£1988.03 Paxton Dene

291.5p Paxton Dene

Angus Steers-£1473.00 The Raw

245.5p The Raw

Limousin Heifers –£2523, £2068.00 & £2035.10 Hard Riding, £1918.24 Miller Hill, £1910.69 Claywalls, £1803.40 Miller Hill, £1796.22, £1793.42 & £1789.65 Paxton Dene, £1774.22 Lilburn Estates

400.0p & 389.5p Hard Riding, 333.5p Lilburn Estates, 331.5p Paxton Dene, 325.5p Claywalls, 321.5p Hard Riding

British Blue Heifers-£1832.57 Claywalls, £1773.44, £1667.08 & £1536.67 Paxton Dene

325.5p Claywalls, 309.5p & 293.5p Paxton Dene

Charolais Heifers –£1679.00, £1673.33 & £1543.79 Flotterton

287.5p & 277.5p Flotterton

Angus Heifers –£1459.67 Flotterton, £1454.94 Barker House

265.5p Barker House, 244.5p Flotterton

Young Bulls

Two young bulls forward, taking 1st Prize was a Limousin cross from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding that went on to realise 269.5ppk selling to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Taking 2nd Prize was a heavier Limousin cross bull from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene realising 253.5ppk.

British Blue-£1898.72 Paxton Dene

253.5p Paxton Dene

Limousin-£1940.40 Hard Riding

269.5p Hard Riding

Cast Cows & OTM

An Outstanding entry of 93 cast cows and bulls for this years Christmas Primestock Show & Sale. The pre-sale show was ably judged by Mr Philip Parkin, Goole, who gave Champion cow to an outstanding pure Limousin cow from renowned breeder, Mr W Barron, Morrow Edge. She weighed a mighty 935kg and sold for a centre record of 269.5ppk and £2519.83 and being purchased by Mr G Moore, Hawick.

Another Limousin cow sold to 269.5ppk came from Frank & Reg Simpson, Square House. The same home sold another Limousin cross cow to gross an eye watering £2400 to Mr C Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.

Angus cross cows soared to great heights again this week with Messrs C A & J Watmore, Holystone Estates, selling cows to £1875.37.

Trade once again shaper on the week and was helped by the fresh faces around the ring. The entry made up of both Dairy and Beef cows, went on to average an impressive 180.30ppk.

Limousin –£2519.83 Morrow Edge, £2400.38 & £1937.71 Square House, £1729.00 Shitlington Hall, £1689.89 Barker House, £1676.68 Hard Riding, £1627.17 Featherwood

269.5p Morrow Edge & Square House, 259.5p Square House, 227.5p Hard Riding & Shitlington Hall

Angus –£1875.37, £1795.42 & £1608.09 Holystone Estate

209.5p Holystone Estate, 190.5p South Farm

Angus x-£1868.13 & £1557.60 Holystone Estate, £1507.18 Evistones

213.5p & 201.5p Holystone Estate, 187.5p Greenchesters

British Blue-£1985.18 High Lovelady Shield, £1904.90 Nunwick, £1878.08 High Lovelady Shield

245.5p & 229.5p High Lovelady Shield, 221.5p Old Deanham & Nunwick

British Blue x–£1101.75 Eland Hall

169.5p Eland Hall

Charolais-£1760.64 Blakelaw, £1747.64 Newlands Haugh

221.5p Newlands Haugh, 215.5p Blakelaw

Stabiliser-£1534.06, £1410.87 & £1376.32 Nunwick, £1341.90 Lilburn Estates

195.5p & 183.5p Nunwick, 179.5p Lilburn Estates & Nunwick

Stabiliser x-£1620.06 Lilburn Estates

201.5p Lilburn Estates

Beef Shorthorn-£1402.83 Barker House

175.5p Barker House

Simmental x–£1046.40 Baal Hill

163.5p Baal Hill

Luing-£1147.34 Laings Hill

171.5p Laings Hill

Ayshire-£910.20 Marley Cote Walls

137.5p Marley Cote Walls

Stock Bull

British Blue-£1307.25 Old Deanham

157.5p Old Deanham

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1423 Prime Lambs selling to another good trade.

Topping the sale at £134 twice was a Bluefaced Leicester from Mrs R & M J Lee, Harwood Shield and a Suffolk cross from Messrs C M & P Hall, Whitchester.

Topping the ppk was Messrs J E Henderson & Sons, Burntongues at 330.8ppk for a pen of four.

Christmas Prize Show & Sale of Prime Lambs next Tuesday! Pens of 3. Early entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Texel x –£131.50 Lunns House, £130 Burn House & Old Town, £129 Burntongues & Middle Heads, £128 (x2) East Wharmley, £127.50 Great Tosson, £127 Rusheylaw, £126.50 Thockrington, £126 Edgerston Home Farm, East Farm, Moss Barns, Rugley Walls & Thockrington, £125.50 Harwood Shield & West Shields, £125 Middle Heads & Woodcroft, £124 Little Swinburn, East Farm, Littlebeck, Burntongues, East Newham, Town Farm & Old Town

330.8p Burntongues, 323.7p East Wharmley, 305.1p Burntongues, 291.7p Hedley Park, 284.4p East Wharmley, 281.8p Burntongues & Little Swinburne, 273.8p Burn House, 273.3p Town Farm, East Wharmley (x2), Burn House, 272.3p East Wharmley, 271.6p Town Farm, 271.4p East Newham, 270.5p Little Swinburne, 270.0p St Oswalds.

Suffolk x –£134 Whitchester, £130 Thockrington & Old Town, £126.50 Whitchester, £126 Whitchester & Rugley Walls, £125.50 Steel Hall, £124.50 Thockrington, £124 Old Town, £122 Delight Farm & Old Town, £121 East Newham, £120.50 Steel Hall

247.1p Whitchester, 245.7p Woodcrfot, 245.6p Temon Farm, 244.7p Edgerston Home Farm & East Newham, 243.3p Whitchester, 243.2p East Newham, 243.1p Old Town, 242.2p Lunns House, 242.1p Edgerston Home Farm

Beltex x –£128 & £123.50 East Wharmley

297.7p East Wharmley

Leicester-£134, £126 & £122 Harwood Shield

229.1p Harwood Shield

Abberfield-£122 Whitchester

249.0p Whitchester

Mule –£120 Rusheylaw, £118 Great Chesters, £116.50 & £114 Harwood Shield, £112 Great Chesters

245.8p & 243.5p Great Chesters, 237.8p Harwood Shield & Little Swinburne, 237.5p Harwood Shield

Kerry Hill-£112 Delight Farm

248.9p Delight Farm

Blackface –£110 Great Chesters

239.1p Great Chesters