Scots Gap Primestock

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Prime Sheep

Scots Gap Mart sold a small but select show of prime lambs. The sale went on to average £120.09 for 46kg with an SQQ figure of 267.1ppk.

The sale peaked at £136 for heavy Texel crosses from Graeme Williamson, Longshaws and 275ppk for smart Bleu De Maine crosses at 40kg from the same home.

Entries to Chris Armstrong on 07808 721957 by Tuesday Afternoon.   

Prime Lambs

Texel x –£136 Longshaws, £132 Cornhills & Rugley Walls, £130 Black Callerton & Tuthill, £128 Chesters (x2) & Tuthill, £127 Black Callerton, Rugley Walls & Buteland, £126 Tuthill (x2), £125 Cornhills & Longshaws, £124 Coldwell

273.2p Longshaws, 272.7p East Newham, 272.1p Runnymede (x2), 269.2p Longshaws (x2), 268.3p East Newham & Buteland, 268.1p Tuthill, 267.4p Chesters, 266.7p Black Callerton & Runnymede, 266.0p Longshaws  

Bleu De Maine–£110 Longshaws

275.0p Longshaws

Suffolk x –£118.50 East Newham

269.3p East Newham