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Scots Gap Auction Mart sold Texel cross lambs to £130 from Messrs Clark, Brinkburn Newhouses and Suffolk crosses to £120 from the same home.

The sale returned an average of £113 per head and a SQQ of 232.70 for 45kg.

Leading prices;

Texel x –£130 Brinkburn Newhouses, £124 Horncastle Farm, £122 Catcherside, £121 High Baulk, £120 Black Callerton, Holling Hill & Catcherside, £116 Catcherside, £115 Horncastle Farm, High Baulk, Catcherside (x3)

240.0p & 239.1p Black Callerton, 232.6p Flotterton, 225.5p High Baulk, 224.4p Bavington Hill Head, 224.0p Holling Hill, 222.2p Holling Hill & Catcherside, 220.3p Brinkburn Newhouses

Suffolk x –£120 Brinkburn Newhouses, £114 Black Caklerton, £113 Holing Hill

231.1p Flotterton, 215.1p Black Callerton, 214.3p Brinkburn Newhouses

Cheviot x-£110 Flotterton

223.4p Flotterton

Mule –£114 Horncastle Farm

222.2p Black Callerton