Opening Sale of Ewes & Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

Hexham and Northern held their opening sale of 260 Ewes and Lambs to a satisfactory trade considering the cold weather and the slow grass growth.

Topping the sale at £111/ life was 4 Texel cross singles from Mr J H Emerson, Haggate Farm who also sold Twins & Singles at £110/life and £108/life.

Beltex cross ewes sold to £99/life on two occasions from Ms C Everitt, Jolly Body Farm

Suffolk cross ewes sold to £95/life from Mr J R G Johnson, West Wharmley.

Older Mule ewes sold to £83/life from Messrs Allergill Farm.

Next weeks sees our Show & Sale of 529 Hoggs & Lambs at Foot.

Leading Prices (per life);

Ewes and Lambs

Suffolk x- £95 West Wharmley

Texel x- £111, £110, £108, £99, £98, £95 Haggate, £89 Rowley Link & Haggate, £88 Low Staples, £87 Haggate

Mule-£83 Allergill, £82 Glower-Oer-Him, £81 Haggate, £78 High Keenley Fell

Beltex x-£99(x2), £98, £92, £90 Jolly Body

Gimmers and Lambs

Texel x-£94 Haggate