Opening Ewe Lamb Sale

Mule ewe lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts held its opening sale of Mule Ewe Lambs (ex Blackface) which predominantly featured stronger, tupping type lambs. A wonderful show of lambs this year and credit to all consignors who presented lambs in such a magnificent fashion.

This year’s pre-sale show was very astutely judged by Mr J Pirie, Ardgate Farm, Alexandria. Mr Pirie had with magnificent pens to inspect and after thorough deliberation, awarded the NEMSA Championship rosette and The Robson & Cowan Trophy to an extremely stylish pen from WM & CM Ridley, Shitlington Hall. Second prize was awarded to Messrs R D Archer & Son, Carry House and third prize given to J Hunter & Sons, The Steel.

The best run of 100 NEMSA lambs and winning the Stuart Ridley Memorial Trophy was also awarded to WM & CM Ridley, Shitlington Hall with their outstanding run of lambs and capped off a day to remember for the Ridley Family. 

Prize list (pen of 25)

First – M W & C M Ridley, Shitlington Hall

Second – R & D Archer & Son, Carry House

Third – J Hunter, The Steel

Best run of 100 – W M & C M Ridley, Shitlington Hall

Once the pre-sale show had concluded the sale got off to a great start with some tremendous runs of sheep from renowned consignors and the trade throughout the sale stayed very level. This was a testament to the show of sheep on offer. Credit must go to all breeders this year for producing such a strong and level entry of sheep.

New purchasers once again were seen here at Hexham, who were seeking high quality Mule replacement breeding sheep. Buyers this year came from the length and breadth of the British Isles from deepest South-West to far north as Aberdeenshire. This resulted in an extremely competitive trade across the sale. It was noticeable there was an increased demand for the top end pens of sheep with multiple pens exceeding £170.00.

The sale average was very similar to last year’s extreme trade, which was very pleasing and was just short by 83p for more sheep forward.

The champion pen this year from WM & CM Ridley, Shitlington Hall, sold to £185.00 and sticking to his judgment was bought by the judge Mr J Pirie, Ardgate Farm.

Leading price from the sale this year was a very powerful pen, stacked with local show winners from Messrs Archer, Carry House which after some spirited bidding, realized £210.00, selling to Mr D Moir (Cairness Ltd), Cairness.

The company would like to extend it’s gratitude for the continued support from our sale sponsors, Thomas Sherriff & Co Ltd and Robson & Cowan Country Store. 

Leading flock averages;

R & D Archer & Son, Carry House – 87 @ £172.65

J Hunter, The Steel – 106 @ £163.67

J Browell & Son, Quarry House – 160 @ £162

R English, Brownsleazes – 75 @ £161.33

W S Robson & Co, Yatesfield – 50 @ £158

J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters – 126 @ £156.23

M W & C M Ridley, Shitlington Hall – 176 @ £155.68

Leading prices;

£210 Carry House, £185 Shitlington Hall, £180 The Steel, £175 Brownsleazes, £172 & £166 Quarry House, £162 Quarry House & The Steel, £160 Yatesfield, Quarry House, Carry House & Great Chesters (x3), £158 Whiteside, Quarry House, The Steel & Carry House, £156 Whiteside, Yatesfield, Edges Green, Quarry House, Great Chesters, Shitlington Hall & Hole Farm, £155 The Steel, Brownsleazes, Carry House & Shitlington Hall, £154 Brownsleazes & Shitlington Hall, £152 Whiteside (x2), Stell Green, Hotbank, Great Chesters & Shitlington Hall, £150 Stell Green, Pitland Hills & Great Chesters, £148 Whiteside (x2), Edges Green & Shitlington Hall, £146 Shitlington Hall & Hole Farm, £144 Hotbank, £142 Stell Green, Hotbank & Pitland Hills

Texel & Other Continental Ewe Lambs

A reduced entry of Texel crosses saw a steady demand with the best of each consignment selling well but little demand for lesser types.

A prime run of lambs presented once again by Graham & Gemma Common, Low Ardley, who went on to jointly top the sale at £192 for the first prize pen which sold to regular buyers – Messrs Lee, Agars Hill.

The second pen at the same money were the second prize pen from Richard & Chris Thornton, Cornhills who also sold to a previous buyer – Ben Layfield of Nackshivan.

Texel prize list (pen of 10)

First – T Common & Son, Low Ardley

Second – R Thornton & Son, Cornhills

Third – D Ashbridge, Wingates Moor

Leading prices;

Texel x – £192 Low Ardley & Cornhills, £175 Low Ardley, £168 Low Ardley & Quarry House, £160 Cornhills, £152 Low Ardley, £150 Cornhills

Texel – £200, £190 & £180 Cornhills

Suffolk cross ewe lambs

A small entry sold to a commercial trade throughout.

Prize list (pen of 10)

First – R Browell, Quarry House

Second – R Browell, Quarry House

Third – P Burgess, High Keenley Fell

Quarry House took the E N Jackson Perpetual Trophy and sold to £135.

Leading prices;

£135 & £130 Quarry House, £118 (x2) & £100 High Keenley Fell

Dutch Spotted

A small entry sold to a top of £160 for the first prize pen from Messrs Lee, Hackford, Hexhamshire which went to the judge Mr R Whitton, Crewgarth.

Continental prize list (pen of 10)

First – T J Lee & Son, Hackford

Second – T J Lee & Son, Hackford

Third – Messrs Allergill, Allergill Farm

Leading prices;

Dutch Spotted – £160, £155, £135 & £105 Hackford Steel

Blackface ewe lambs

A smaller and certainly more mixed show of ewe lambs saw a significant drop in trade on the year with a number of past purchasers changing policy & a number of upland estates now for sale on the open market resulting in fewer buyers ringside.

The Championship & Gordon Swan trophy was awarded to a sweet pen of lambs from Philip & Dan Walton, Wanwood Hill, which later went on to top the sale at £155 selling to the judge Mr Neil Laing, Perry Flats.

The third prize pen from Angus & Jamie Murray, Sewingshields followed at £145 and second prize pen from Nick Walton, Cowden Burn sold to £141 – a nice trade on the day for the single pen from the Cowden Partners.

Prize list (pen of 15)

First – Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill

Second – Cowden Partners, Cowden Burn

Third – A Murray & Sons, Sewingshields

Leading prices;

£155 Wanwood Hill, £145 Sewingshields, £141 Cowden Burn, £140 Greenleighton, £130 Prospect House & Greenleighton, £128 Close-A-Burn, £125 Wanwood Hill, Close-A-Burn & Sewingshields