Hexham Store Sale 5th July 2024

Hexham Auction Mart

Hexham 5th July 2024

Store Cattle

At their first store sale in the month of July Hexham & Northern Marts offered a smaller catalogued entry of 57 cattle, typical for this time of year.  

A mixed catalogue met a ready demand with trade in-line with that seen over recent weeks that topped at £1850 for a pair of older Charolais cross steers from The Telfer Bros, Make-Me-Rich, Capheaton. 

Females topped at £1550 for a smart Blue cross heifer from Messrs Carr, Camphill whilst younger cattle sold to £1380 for a smart yearling Limmy steer from Messrs Kellett, East Matfen. 

Angus yearling sorts topped at £1370 for a good young bull followed by a well-bred steer at £1360, both from relatively new consignors to benefit from The Hexham store ring; Messrs Heyes, New Field, Bishop Auckland, County Durham and Messrs Ivinson, Five Oaks, Melmerby, Cumbria respectively. 

Leading Prices;  

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Charolais x steers – £1850 Make-Me-Rich

Limousin x heifers – £1550 & £1490 Camphill

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers – £1610 Make-Me-Rich

Charolais x steers – £1680 Make-Me-Rich

British Blue x steers – £1580 Camphill

Limousin x heifers – £1530 & £1500 Middle heads

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers – £1380 & £1310 East Matfen

Angus x steers – £1360 Five Oaks, £1340 Longshaws, £1320 The Deans, £1310 Longshaws & Five Oaks  

South Devon x steers – £1240 The Deans  

Limousin x heifers – £1490 Middle Heads

Young Bulls

Angus-£1370 New Field Farm

Hereford x-£1300 New Field Farm

Cattle 10 months and under

South Devon x steers – £1250 The Deans

Cast Ewes

An increased number of 621 cast ewes and rams sold to a strong trade to level at £130.10 for all breeds and sizes.

Topping at £250 was a trio of Texel ewes from Messrs W & JA Longlands, Rusheylaw.

At £208 was another trio of smart Texel ewes from Messrs W M Reed & Sons, Lands Farm.

Suffolk ewes topped at £182 for thumpers from Mossview Farm Ltd.

Blueface Leicester sold to £165 from Messrs W M Reed & Sons, Lands Farm.

Blackface ewes topped at £140 for a pair from Messrs G Carins & Ptrs, Broomhall.

A pen of strong Mule ewes reached £160 from Messrs W & J A Longlands, Rusheylaw.

Texel –£250 Rusheylaw, £208 Lands Farm, £198 Rusheylaw,

Texel x –£186 Foulmartlaw Farm, £178 Mossview Farm Ltd, £172 Foulmartlaw, £168 & £166 x2 Old Deanham

Suffolk x – £182 Mossview Farm Ltd, £162 Mossview Farm Ltd & Luns House, £160 Old Deanham

Dutch Spotted– £144 Mount Pleasant

Leicester-£165 Lands Farm, £161 Beacon Rigg

Cheviot Mule – £154 Blackburn, £147 Mossview Farm Ltd  

Mule – £160 Rusheylaw, £150 Lands Farm, £148 Rusheylaw & Rawfoot, £142 East Greenridge, £140 Lands Farm

Cross-£136 Mossview Farm Ltd, £134 Foulmartlaw & Mossview Farm Ltd

Blackface – £140 Broomhall

Herdwick – £120 Mount Pleasant

Cast Tups

A small number of cast tups through the ring today, peaking at £192 for a trio from Messrs M W Walton & Son, Rawfoot.

Texel – £192 Rawfoot

Suffolk – £156 East Greenridge

Dutch Spotted- £142 Delight Farm

Cross-£142 Mossview Farm Ltd

Swaledale – £102 Mossview Farm Ltd

Store Hoggs

A select show of store hoggs still met with demand at Hexham, topping at £126 for a trio from B Haigh, Hightown.

Texel x-£126 Hightown, £115 & £110 Beacon Rigg

Suffolk x-£100 Hightown

Mule-£90 Beacon Rigg