Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Slightly better show of clean this week which met a sharper trade with Limousin cross heifers from Messrs K Smith & Sons, East Greenridge peaking at 321.5p/kg.

Angus cross heifers sold to 261.5p/kg from Messrs G & JH Tomlinson & Son, Sunniside.

Limousin Heifers –£1961.15 & £1822.96 East Greenridge

231.5p & 309.5p East Greenridge  

Angus Heifers –£1542.85 Sunniside

261.5p Sunniside

Cast Cows & OTM

Another eye watering trade witnesses at Hexham with new highs reached for cast bulls and another competitive trade observed for cast cows of all classes.

A poorer show on the whole but Ryan Walton, Penpeugh, sold Limousin x cows to 239.5p/kg.

Topping the cow section with a great Angus cow was Mr W D Allen, Humbleheugh, which sold £2075.00.

Leaner feeding sorts especially well sold and again in great demand, regularly exceeding 180p/kg.

Limousin –£1958.80 Colepike, £1748.57 Cornhills, £1701.14 Windy Hill, £1580.70 Penpeugh

239.5p Penpeugh, 220.5p Cornhills, 209.5p Windy Hill, 207.5p Colepike, 203.5p Luns House  

Angus –£2075.00 & £1646.32 Humbleheugh, £1586.03 Colepike, £1580.00 Fell House

207.5p & 203.5p Humbleheugh, 201.5p Fell House

Beef Shorthorn-£1689.90 Redsteads

196.5p Redsteads

Charolais x-£1734.30 Park Head, £1627.75 Hepscott

211.5p & 199.5p Park Head

British Blue –£1451.63 & £1411.79 Cornhills

205.5p Cornhills

Simmental x–£1299.68 Greyside

201.5p Greyside

Hereford-£1558.23 East Fourstones

198.5p East Fourstones

Holstein-£1018.50 Whitehouse Farm

Galloway-£1093.05 Farneyshield

173.5p Farneyshield

Stock Bull

Cast Bulls once again in serious demand at Hexham.

Messrs W & JA Longlands, Rusheylaw brought an outstanding BB x Lim stock bulls which cashed at 234.5p/kg and reached the highest grossing animal on the day at £2720.20.

Mr D Dixon, Middle Heads had a well fleshed Limousin selling to 215.5p/kg and £2370.50.

Another that jumped onto the North, Northumberland bus was Mr J T Jeffery, Cold Harbour who took advantage of the competitive ring and sold a Anguis to 174.5p/kg and £1919.50.

More cattle can easily be cashed to vendors advantage with the buying power ringside at Hexham.

Please call Drew on 07854361967

British Blue-£2720.20 Rusheylaw

234.5p Rusheylaw

Limousin-£2370.50 Middle Heads

215.5p Middle Heads

Angus-£1919.50 Cold Harbour

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 470 Prime Lambs to an improved trade but less numbers forward.

Topping the sale at £169 was a Texel x lamb from Messrs W Horncastle & Son, The Hope.

The Hope also sold lambs to 352.1p/kg for Texels.

Please continue to enter your lambs with

Jack on 07739 440457

Harrison on 07895 761102

Andrew on 07955 275403

Neil on 07955 268459

Texel x –£169, £165 & £164 The Hope, £163.50 Blue Gables, £162 Grange House, £160 Nilston Rigg & East Farm, £159 Errington Red House, East House Farm & Nilston Rigg, £158 Stotsfold

352.1p The Hope, 348.8p East House, 347.9p Blue Gables, 343.5p Stotsfold, 341.7p & 336.7p The Hope, 336.3p Nilston Rigg, 335.9p & 335.4p East House Farm

Suffolk x –£157 & £150 East Newham, £147 Nilston Rigg, £143 Haggate

325.0p Haggate, 319.6p Nilston Rigg, 312.5p East Newham, 310.7p Haggate

Beltex x –£131 Haggate

327.5p Haggate

Charollais x-£138.50 & £136 Grange House Farm

322.1p Grange House Farm

Cheviot x-£128.50 Whitchester Farm

329.5p Whitchester Farm

Mule –£132 Errington Red House

307.0p Errington Red House

Prime Ewes

Another nice entry of 72 Prime Ewes sold to a strong trade. Topping at £220 for a big Texel ewe from Mr J H Emerson, Haggate.

Texel –£220 & £200 Haggate

Texel x- £184 The Hope, £180 Haggate, £177 x3 The Hope

Suffolk x-£184 The Hope  

Charollais x-£156 The Hope

Mule-£144 & £134 Angerton Broom House