Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

A small but mighty show of clean heifers from renowned mid Northumbrian finishers Chris & Andrew Johnson of Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene.

The Paxton Dene team took full advantage of the live ring selling outstanding Limousin cross heifers to 327.5p/kg and Blue cross heifers to £1993.60

Limousin Heifers –£1893.00 & £1847.10 Paxton Dene

327.5p & 315.5p Paxton Dene

British Blue Heifers –£1993.60 Paxton Dene

311.5p Paxton Dene  

Young Bulls

A very mixed show of young bulls being made up of Black & Whites and Angus’s. All forward were keenly bid for and sold well with Angus Bulls from M/s RJ & LA Acton, Braidley Farm selling to 241.5p/kg and £1845.06.

Holstein Bulls once again easily sold here at Hexham, selling to 207.5p/kg and £1597.75 from Mr R H Frater, Moorlaws.

Angus-£1845.06 & £1503.23 Braidley

241.5p & 229.5p Braidley

Holstein Friesian-£1597.75 Moorlaws

207.5p Moorlaws

Cast Cows & OTM

Tighter numbers see’s greater demand for all classes and a dearer trade throughout.

Better end of continental cows exceeding 210p/kg, whilst ex-parlour Black & Whites regularly selling in excess of 170p/kg.

Leading the sale at 241.5p/kg was a Limousin cross cow from Messrs BA & M Storrow & Sons, Willimoteswick.

Topping the grossing charts was a tremendous Angus Bull from Messrs JF & JK Haywood & Son, Fell House which realised £2160.30.

Fleshy Holstein Friesians from SJ Kellett & Sons, Whitehouse Farms peaked at 197.5p/kg.

More cows needed on a weekly basis and please enter your cattle with Drew on 078954361967 or the office on 01434 605444 by Monday afternoon so we can let prospective purchasers know what is entered.

Angus Bull-£2160.30 Fell House

189.5p Fell House

Limousin –£1702.58.58 Willimoteswick, £1679.18 & £1544.57 Featherwood, £1535.49 Low Horton

241.5p Willimoteswick, 229.5p East Uppertown, 219.5p Featherwood, 211.5p Low Horton  

Angus x –£1452.57 Evistones, £1363.40 & £1319.63 The Stobbs

200.5p The Stobbs, 195.5p Evistones & The Stobbs

British Blue –£1439.27 Willimoteswick

209.5p Willimoteswick  

Luing–£1335.43 High Keenley Fell

227.5p High Keenley Fell

British Friesian-£1301.23 Rennys Barn

182.5p Rennys Barn

Holstein Friesian-£1069.25 & £1068.48 Whitehouse Farm

197.5p & 164.5p Whitehouse Farm

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 657 Prime Lambs to a pleasing trade although less on the week.

Topping the sale at £200 was a Texel x lamb from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene.

Topping p/kg was a pair of Texel x lambs at 435.6p/kg from Mossview Farm Ltd.

Please continue to enter your lambs, Next week’s sale will start at 9.30am, Ballot at 9.00am

Texel x –£200 Paxton Dene, £198 Hackford, £196 Mossview Farm & Fell House, £194 Nilston Rigg, £193 Tedcastle, Grange House Farm x2 & Fell House, £190 Aydonshields

435.6p Mossview Farm, 400.0p Pigdon, 395.1p Hackford, 393.9p Grange House, 393.3p St Oswalds & Mossview, 391.1p Paxton Dene

Suffolk x –£193 Hackford, £188, £187 & £186 Salmonfield, £185.50 Aydonshields, £185 Broomhall, £183 Aydonshields, £181 Saugh House

381.6p Salmonfield, 378.4p Hackford, 377.1p Saugh House, 376.0p Salmonfield, 373.7p Mossview Farm, 372.9p Hackford, 370.8p Blue Gables, 370.5p Nilston Rigg, 370.2p Aydonshields, 370.0p Aydonshields

Charollais x –£179 & £177 Black Heddon

390.8p, 384.4p, 380.0p Mossivew Farm

Prime Hoggs

Prime Hoggs sold to a flying trade for the time of year. Topping at £219 was a trio of Texels from Mr A W Dixon, West Heddon Farm, who also sold hoggs to 362.3p/kg.

Texel x –£219 West Heddon, £214 & £213 Paxton Dene, £210 West Heddon & Paxton Dene, £207 West Heddon

362.3p & 345.0p West Heddon, 330.9p Paxton Dene, 322.9p Low Staples, 318.2p West Heddon & Paxton Dene, 317.4p West Heddon

Suffolk x-£158 Salmonfield

316.0p Salmonfield

Blackface-£140 West Deanraw

302.6p West Deanraw

Prime Ewes

Prime Ewes sold to a flying tade with 99 forward, averaging £149.18.

Topping the sale at £240 was a tremendous Texel from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene.

Suffolks sold to £203 from Messrs MC & MD Sparke, Salmonfield.

Mules sold to £169 from A & S Murray & Sons, West Deanraw.

Texel –£240 Paxton Dene

Texel x-£189 Pigdon, £188 Mossview Farm & Salmonfield, £186 Haggate, £180 Mossview Farm

Suffolk-£203 Salmonfield

Suffolk x-£198 Mossview Farm

Charollais x-£173 Mossview Farm

Bleu De Maine-£169 Low Staples

Berrichon-£155 Mossview Farm