Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Mr F T Walton, Flotterton sold Charolais cross heifers to a competitive trade of 279.5ppk. Angus cross heifers very easily cashed selling to 253.5pk also from F T Walton, Flotterton.

Charolais Heifers –£1595.44 & £1565.20 Flotterton

279.5p & 269.5p Flotterton

Angus Heifers –£1551.42 & £1521.95 Flotterton, £1491.10 Catreen

253.5p & 249.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

More cows forward with an abundance of Hill cows this week. On paper, the average price is less but in real terms trade is sharper than last week.

Angus cross cows dominated the highest grossing figures with Messrs L & B N Urwin, Lynnshield selling fit cows to £1745.90.

Mr G R & S K Meek, Eland Hall sold Angus cross cows to £1741.50.

Stock Bulls sold to £1651 for a Simmental from Mr R Craig, Slaley.

A fantastic run of Stabiliser cows from Mrs V S Allgood, Nunwick sold to a high of 225.5ppk

Limousin –£1465.95 Close House, £1459.53 Featherwood, £1392.92 East Knitsley, £1356.60 Eland Hall

199.5p Eland Hall, 197.5p Featherwood, 193.5p Farnbury

Angus –£1443.18 Lynnshield

179.5p Lynnshield

Angus x-£1745.90 Lynnshield, £1741.50 Eland Hall

197.5p Lynnshield, 193.5p Eland Hall, 183.5p Buteland, 175.5p Gofton Farm

British Blue –£1545.07 & £1372.58 Nunwick, £1317.48 Aydonshields

183.5p (x2) Nunwick

Stabiliser-£1616.84, £1328.18, £1313.50 Nunwick

225.5p, 185.5p & 177.5p Nunwick

Simmental x –£1016.03 Warkshaugh

172.5p Warkshaugh

Beef Shorthorn-£1164.40 Oaklea

177.5p Oaklea

Shorthorn-£951.63 Eland Hall

165.5p Eland Hall

Whitebred Shorthorn x-£936.35 Sundaysight

153.5p Sundaysight

Holstein Friesian-£762.30 Peepy Farm

115.5p Peepy Farm

Holstein Friesian x-£1023.75 Peppy Farm

157.5p Peppy Farm

British Friesian x-£765 Temon Farm

127.5p Temon Farm

Stock Bull

Limousin-£1519.65 Reaston View

153.5p Reaston View

Simmental-£1651.35 Reaston View

163.5p Reaston View

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1186 Prime Lambs with a poorer show forward trade was in fact dearer.

Topping the sale at £130 was a pair of Texels from Messrs T W Dinning & Son, Watch Currock. From the same home they also sold a trio to £128.

Topping the ppk was the first lamb in the ring at 302.4ppk from RRE & JR Reay, St Oswalds Farm.

Contact Jack on 07739 440457 for Primestock Entries.

Texel x –£130 & £128 Watch Currock, £127 Glendue, £125 Mill View & Sherburn Tower, £124 Watch Currock, £123.50 Mill View & Watch Currock, £123 Watch Currock

282.1p Little Swinburn, 278.3p, 276.6p & 273.3p Watch Currock, 269.8p Little Swinburn, 266.3p Blackburn, 262.8p Watch Currock

Suffolk x –£123 Old Town, £120.50 & £120 Great Bavington, £117 Great Bavington & Old Town, £115 Rugley Walls

233.3p Sherburn Tower, 231.9p Old Town, 228.9p North Cocklake, 228.6p Lunns House, 228.3p Great Bavington, 227.7p Riding Farm, 225.6p West Shields

Beltex x –£127 St Oswalds, £121 Little Swinburn, £120 St Oswalds

302.4p & 285.7p St Oswalds

Bleu de Maine-£117 (x2) Blaydon Burn Farm

234.0p Blaydon Burn Farm

Dutch Texel x-£116 (x2) & £114 (x2) Willimoteswick

269.8p, 261.5p, 263.4p & 251.1p Willimoteswick

Cheviot x-£110.50 Willimoteswick

230.2p Willimoteswick

Mule –£110.50 Warksfield Head, £110 Woodcroft, £109 Great Chesters & Burn Farm, £108.50 Warksfield Head

225.5p & 223.4p Warksfield Head, 222.5p Great Chesters, 221.4p Warksfield Head

Blackface –£107.50 Great Chesters

215.0p Great Chesters