Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Increased entry of Clean Cattle but flesh was lacking. Leading the sale was a Limousin heifer from Messrs J Lee & Son, Morley Hill which realized 269.5p/kg.

Highest grossing heifer came in Angus form, selling to £1669.40 from Messrs A Hall & Son, Barker House which was sold to Penshaw Farm Shop.

Entries to Drew Patrick on 07854 761967 by Monday Afternoon.

Angus Heifers –£1669.40 & £1644.81 Barker House

251.5p, 249.5p & 245.5p Barker House

Charolais Heifers –£1516.70 Flotterton

261.5p Flotterton

Limousin Heifers-£1478.84 Morley Hill

269.5p Morley Hill, 265.5p Steel Hall

Cast Cows & OTM

A mixed show of cows which met an easier trade throughout. However as previous weeks, the best cows once again very easily sold with W J Scott Ltd, Low Leam enjoying a marvellous trade selling British Blue cross to 273.5p/kg and Limousin cross cows to 261.5p/kg.

Limousin –£1809.58 & £1693.38 Low Leam

261.5p & 237.5p Low Leam

Angus x-£1473.75 Stoop Rigg, £1393.51 Duncombe Moor Farm

237.5p East Uppertown

British Blue –£1961.00 Low Leam

273.5p Low Leam

Charolais x-£1372.70 Tedcastle

185.5p Tedcastle

Simmental x–£1519.16 & £1518.83 Garden House, £1302.57 Stoop Rigg

192.5p Garden House, 184.5p Stoop Rigg, 181.5p Garden House

Holstein Friesian-£835.83 Peepy Farm

125.5p Peepy Farm

Stock Bull

Stock Bulls again sold well this week with a Limousin topping the sale from Messrs E & T N Ballantyne, Cowburn Rigg selling to £2284.30.

Limousin-£2284.30 Cowburn Rigg, £1932.91 Morley Hill

215.5p Cowburn Rigg, 185.5p Morley Hill

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 985 Prime Lambs to a reduced trade as numbers appear nationwide. A noticeable difference was seen between well fleshed lambs and grassy leaner types.

Topping today’s sale was a tremendous pair of Suffolk cross lambs at £170 from Messrs R English & Son, Brownsleazes. Brownsleazes also went on to take top spot in the p/kg at 320.8p/kg.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457 or Harrison on 07895 761102 by Monday Afternoon.

Texel x –£158 East House Farm & Greyside, £156 St Oswalds, £154 Longshaws, £153 Nilston Rigg, £150 Errington Red House, £146 St Oswalds, £145 Greyside & Town Farm, £144 Blackburn, £143.50 Chesterwood, £141 Longshaws, £140 St Oswalds (x2) & Delight Farm, £139 Town Farm, £138.50 St Oswalds & Shitlington Hall, £138 Quickeningcote, £137.50 Snape Farm & Shitlington Hall

307.1p East House Farm, 306.1p Errington Red House, 304.4p St Oswalds, 302.1p Greyside, 301.2p High House Farm, 301.1p St Oswalds (x2), 300.0p Shitlington Hall & Longshaws, 298.8p Errington Red House, 298.1p East House Farm, 298.0p, 297.9p & 294.3p St Oswalds, 294.2p Crescent Farm, 292.9p East House Farm & Chesterwood, 292.6p Shitlington Hall, 291.1p Blue Gables

Suffolk x –£170 Brownsleazes, £157 St Oswalds, £152, £149, £145.50 & £145 Brownsleazes, £140 Delight Farm, £138 Brownsleazes, Aydonshields & West Wharmley, £136 East Newham

320.8p, 303.1p & 292.3p Brownsleazes, 290.7p East Newham, 289.4p East Newham, 289.1p Riding Farm, 287.5p West Wharmley, 286.5p Brownsleazes

Millennium-£142 St Oswalds

302.1p St Oswalds

Dutch Texel-£128.50 Tedcastle

294.1p Tedcastle

Charollais x-£139.50 & £137.50 Low Barns

302.4p Low Barns

Mule –£140 Brownsleazes

Kerry Hill-£135 Tedcastle

275.5p Tedcastle

Jacob-£128 Low Barns