Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

Slightly leaner show of Clean Heifers with Charolais cross heifers from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton cashing at 291.5ppk.

Charolais Heifers –£1821.88 & £1737.00 Flotterton

291.5p & 289.5p Flotterton

Saler Heifers-£1813.55 Edgerston Home Farm

286.5p Edgerston Home Farm

Cast Cows & OTM

Cast Cows and Bulls see a lift in numbers on the week and also an increase in trade with leaner sorts especially sharper on the week.

The mix show of cows sold to a high of 251.5ppk for a British Blue cross cow forward from Messrs Sparke & Son, Little Swinburne.

Dairy Cows saw a sizeable increase in trade with Ayshire Cows from Messrs G Baynes & Son, Marley Cote Walls selling to 227.5ppk whilst leaner, Holstein cows from Mr J W Metcalf, Palm Strothers cashed at 189.5ppk.

Top grossing cow came from the Moralee team of Hard Riding with a British Blue cross cow realizing £2178.00.

Cast Cattle entries to Drew on 07854 361967

Limousin –£2059.70 Colepike, £1853.79 High Town Farm, £1733.75 Hard Riding, £1707.73 Colepike

249.5p High Town Farm, 239.5p Colepike, 237.5p Hard Riding

Angus –£1687.72 & £1630.25 Old Town

216.5p & 211.5p Old Town

Angus x-£1571.50 Colepike

224.5p Colepike

British Blue-£2178.00 Hard Riding, £1955.55 Steel Hall, £1934.04 Little Swinburne

251.5p Little Swinburne. 247.5p Hard Riding, 227.5p Windy Hill

British Blue x–£1688.05 High Town Farm

227.5p High Town Farm

Saler-£1650.18, £1593.57 & £1501.38 Edgerston Home Farm

233.5p, 227.5p & 221.5p Edgerston Home Farm

Luing x-£1466.50 & £1451.63 Blueburn

209.5p Blueburn

Longhorn-£1174.59 Shaftoe Moor

195.5p Shaftoe Moor

Hereford x-£1055.37 Three Farms

190.5p Three Farms

Simmental –£1467.81 Burnhill Farm

211.5p Burnhill Farm

Ayshire-£1296.75 Marley Cote Walls

227.59 Marley Cote Walls

Holstein-£1205.63 Palm Strothers

189.5p & 187.5p Palm Strothers

Stock Bull

Beef Shorthorn-£1487.18 Aydon North Farm

197.5p Aydon North Farm

Ayshire-£1351.14 Marley Cote Walls

189.5p Marley Cote Walls

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 446 Prime Hoggs to another great trade and great numbers were seen through the ring for this time of year.

Topping the sale was a gigantic Suffolk cross hogg at £179 from Messrs R H Thompson & Son, Fitches Grange.

Top ppk also went to Fitches Grange at 325.5ppk for a Charollais At 325ppk was a Texel from Messrs Teasdale, Kellah Farm.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457.

Texel x –£168 Low Hall & Highwood, £167 Middle Heads, £166 Hill Head Farm, £162 Low Hall & Kellah, £161 & £160.50 Low Hall, £160 Low Hall & Hill Head Farm, £159 Low Staples & Low Hall (x2)

325.0p Kellah, 318.0p, 317.0p, 315.7p, 315.6p & 313.0p Low Hall, 312.5p Low Staples & Gunnerton Demesne

Suffolk x –£179, £172, £171, £169, £168.50, £167 Fitches Grange

303.7p, 278.3p, 276.2p, 268.3p Fitches Grange

Charollais x –£169, £168, £167.50, £167, £166 (x2), £164.50 & £161 Fitches Grange

325.5p, 304.1p, 303.9p (x2), 302.0p, 300.0p (x2) Fitches Grange

Shropshire-£153 Hill Head Farm

288.7p Hill Head Farm

Beltex x-£164 Kellah

317.0p Low Staples, 315.8p Great Tosson, 315.4p Kellah Farm

Mule –£149 & £132 Kellah, £128 Great Tosson

287.0p Kellah, 284.4p Great Tosson, 281.0p (N Dunn) Great Tosson

Jacob-£140 Low Barns

276.1p & 269.2p Low Barns

Blackface –£155, £147 & £144 Kellah Farm

286.4p & 285.0p Buildings Farm, 272.5p (N Dunn) Great Tosson