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Sales Reports

Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 17th August 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts at their weekly sale of store cattle offered for sale 268 head of which two thirds were Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn and other native breeds for the monthly special sale of such cattle.  A good crowd of buyers gathered at ringside and demand continued in the same vein as seen at the previous week’s sale with particular interest in quality Angus cross sorts sired by registered pedigree bulls.

Bullocks peaked at £1265 for a big Limousin cross at 18 months from Ken & Sue Bell, West Throp Hill who sold four to average £1240.  The native breed trade peaked at £1260 for a smart Angus cross heifer from Dennis Burn, Aydonshields who also topped the steer trade at £1220 with a black bullock by the same bull, both aged 20 months.  A nice entry of Hereford cattle also sold well and this trade was led by first time consignors to this centre Messrs Baltersan Farms making the trip down over the border from Newton Stewart and saw the full benefit of the Hexham ring peaking at £1075 for bullocks at 15 months and a sizeable pen of 8 selling to £930.  Messrs Armstrong, Coalburns were rewarded for their South Devon cross breeding and sold a strong steer at 16 months to £1035.

As recent rainfall aids pasture recovery it would appear that the apprehension seen in June and July is easing and buyers are less hesitant when presented with the type of cattle they are seeking.  If you have cattle yet to be sold please contact our auctioneers who will be delighted to advise the best route to market to maximise your returns. 

Leading prices; 

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers – £1250 & £1180 Fairley, £1050 Bankfoot

Limousin x heifers - £1115 Fairley, £1085 Bankfoot, £970 Fairley

Angus x heifers – £1090 Fairley, £1000 Aydonshields, £990 Fairley

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers – £1265, £1255, £1250 & £1190 West Throp Hill

Limousin x heifers – £900 Redesmouth

Angus x steers -£1170 The Deans, £1020 Hepple Whitefield

Angus x heifers – £1260 Aydonshields, £930 The Deans

Hereford x steers - £1075 Baltersan

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers – £1130 Langley West, £1050 Greyside, £1045 Partridge Nest, £990 Greyside, £955 Nilston Rigg, £950 Redesmouth

British Blue x steers – £1165 Thrunton Lowfield

Simmental x steers – £1205, £1180, £1175 & £1150 Thrunton Lowfield, £1145 Thrunton Lowfield & Langley West, £1125 Thrunton Lowfield & Langley West, £925 Wayn Riggs

Angus x steers – £1220 Aydonshields, £1180 & £1150 New Rift, £1105 & £1100 Buteland, £1085 New Rift, £1080 Redesmouth, £1070 (x2) Buteland, £1060 Partridge Nest, £1050 (x2) Buteland, £1040 Hepple Whitefield, £1030 New Rift, £1025 The Deans, £1020 Hepple Whitefield, £1010 Redesmouth & The Deans, £1005 Parkside, £1000 Hepple Whitefield & Redesmouth, £995 The Deans, £980 Parkside & Buteland, £970 Hepple Whitefield, £960 Redesmouth, £945 Hepple Whitefield

Angus x heifers – £1110 & £1040 Hepple Whitefield, £1000 The Deans, £950 Buteland, £935 & £920 Redesmouth

Hereford x steers - £930 Baltersan

South Devon x steers - £1035 Coalburns

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x heifers – £835 Nilston Rigg

Angus x steers – £800 Throp Hill

Store Sheep

Cast Ewes

More ewes forward this week and followed the national trend for the past few days and were less money on the whole.  Feeding ewes were in demand though with plenty of men ringside for them.

Texel x – £98 Agars Hill, £95 & £93 Low Ardley, £85 Little Swinburne, £82 Highwood, £78 Rusheylaw, £76 Little Swinburne, £75 Rennys Barn, £74 Blackburn & Stotsfold, £73 Salmonswell & Colepike, £72 Low Ardley, Aydonshields & Ravenside, £71 Springwell, £70 The Laws, Agars Hill, Little Swinburne (x2), Blackburn & Settlingstones

Suffolk x – £90 White House Matfen, £82 Colepike, £80 China Hall, £73 Colepike, £72 Felton Demesne & Derecroft, £68 Aydonshields

Leicester - £74 Allenshields, £68 The Hott & Hesleywell

Ryeland - £50 Derecroft

Cheviot - £50 Barrowburn & Blackburn

Cheviot Mule - £85 & £67 Whittonshields

Mule – £72 Houxty House & Ravenside, £71 Low Ardley, £70 The Laws & Rusheylaw, £69 Salmonswell & White House Matfen, £68 Low Ardley, £66 Highwood, £64 Springwell, £61 Rusheylaw & Colepike

Blackface – £38 Cleughfoot

Swaledale – £43 Haggate, £38 Allenshields, £37 Rattenraw, £36 Hesleywell

Crossbred - £68 Low Staples

Store Lambs

Another large show of lambs this week with more longer keep lambs forward compared to last week’s sale.  Beltex and Texel lambs again topping the sale this week, this time for Ryan Beattie , Hareshaw Allotment, selling for £85.  At the same price was a cracking pen of 20 Texel x lambs from M/s J Browell & Sons, Quarry House.
Mules in demand again this week topping at £68 twice for M/s J Lee & Sons, Agars Hill and M/s K & HA Ridley, Allenshields.
Handful of Blackface lambs topped at £49 for M/s RW Harding & Son, West End Town.

Texel x – £85 Quarry House, £84 Nilston Rigg, £81.50 Chapel House, £80 Cooper House & Amos Hill, £79.50 Elford, £79 Chapel House, £78.50 Quarry House, £78 Chapel House & Felton Demesne, £77.50 Amos Hill, £77 Houxty House & Allenshields, £76 Felton Demesne & Quarry House

Dutch Texel x - £81, £79.50 & £72.50 Little Swinburne

Suffolk x – £82 Cooper House, £81 Allenshields, £78 Lynnshield, £73 Woodhall, £71 Elford, £68 Lynnshield, Woodhall & Hepple Whitefield, £67 Settlingstones, £65 & £64 Felton Demesne, £63 Lynnshield, £60.50 Black Hedley

Beltex x - £85 Hareshaw Allotment, £84 & £74.50 Longlea, £69 The Shank

Half Bred - £77 & £75 Brandon

Cheviot x - £68 West Mill Hills

Cheviot Mule - £67 West Mill Hills

Mule – £68 Agars Hill & Allenshields, £66 Beacon Rigg, £63.50 Stone Hall & Hesleywell, £58 Amos Hill, £56 Stone Hall & Allenshields

Blackface – £49 West End Town

Crossbred – £81.50 Little Swinburne

Scots Gap Mart | Wednesday 15th August 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart sold 519 prime lambs and cast sheep at their weekly sale. With more lambs seen earlier in the week trade was generally easier but the best types continued to sell. The sale peaked at the £94.50 for a super heavyweight Texel cross from Jim & Helen Gledson, Buteland and at 205ppkg for ten smart Beltex cross Texel lambs from William Hall, New Houses, Hallington.

Cast sheep peaked at £89.50 for big North Country Cheviot ewes from Jimmy & Matthew Walton, Flotterton, although these also were on easier trade throughout. 

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £94.50 Buteland, £93.50 Dene House, £91 Rothley Crag, £90 New Houses, Hallington, £90(x2) Buteland, £87.50 Flotterton, £86 Bolam West Houses, £85 The Chesters, £85 Coldwell, £85 Whittonshields, £85 Flotterton, £85 Longshaws, £84 New Houses, Hallington, £83.50 Longshaws & £83.50 Buteland.

205.0p, 200p (x2) New Houses, Hallington, 199.5p & 197.6p The Fawns, 197.5p Black Callerton, 196.9p Flotterton, 192.7p Longshaws, 190.5p & 189.8p Buteland, 187.8p The Fawns, 187.5p Runny Mede, 184.8p Whittonshields, 181.1p Bolam West Houses, 181p Black Callerton, 180.9p The Chesters.

Suffolk x - £88.50 Dene House, £85 The Fawns, £85 Broomhall, £78 Black Callerton, £74 The Reenes.

177.0p Dene House, 173.5p Broomhall & 169.6p Black Callerton

Charollais x - £77 & £72.50 Flotterton

172.6p & 171.1p Flotterton


Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x - £69 Rothley Crag

North Country Cheviots -£89.50 Flotterton

South Country Cheviot - £67 & £61 Flotterton

Mule - £65.50 Broomhall

Blackface - £48 Broomhall



Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 14th August 2018


Prime Cattle

A couple of butchers heifers from local producers Messrs A Hall & Sons, Barker House met a great trade. Topping at 237.5ppk

Limousin Heifers – £1243.49 & £1185.13 Barker House

237.5p & 226.5p Barker House


Smaller show of cows this week but still maintained the usual competitive rates. Cows on the whole a touch dearer on the week and as dear as other centres. 

As the usual message, more cows needed each week to satisfy purchaser demand, whether it be leaner or well fleshed cows.

Please call Drew Patrick for entries next week 07854361967

Limousin (Bulls) – £1102.99 South Gunnerton, £991.70 Lee Hall, £953.80 Gleedlee

125.5p Gleedlee, 119.5p South Gunnerton, 105.5p Lee Hall

Limousin – £1290.36 Middle Heads, £1083.75 Grange House, £1008.81 Lee Hall, £920.06 Little Swinburne

159.5p Middle Heads, 144.5p Grange House, 129.5p Lee Hall, 127.5p Gleedlee, 124.5p Little Swinburne

British Blue – £889.22 & 128.5p Low Eshells

Angus (Bull) -£1135.05 & 117.5p Lee Hall

Angus - £1089.42 Little Swinburne

142.5p Low Eals, 135.5p Little Swinburne

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Increased show forward and trade sharper on the week for good well fleshed lambs which were easily sold, others at similar rates.

Top price per head £100 and 238.1ppk for Beltex x from William Smith, East Greenridge. 237.5ppk for Texel x from WR Sparke & Son, Little Swinburne.

Texel x –£98 Comb Hills, £95.50 Low Ardley, £94 Barker House, £93 Little Swinburne (x2), £92 East Greenridge & Sunniside, £91 Halton Red House, £90 Halfway House & Linacres, £87.80 Ravenside, £87.50 Linacres, £87 Crag House, Watch Currock & Nilston Rigg, £86.80 Wallhouses, £86.50 Watch Currock, High Town & Linacres, £86 Little Swinburne, Low Ardley & Black Callerton, £85 Woodlands, Barker House, Little Swinburne (x3), Halfway House, Longlea & Nilston Rigg, £84.50 Low Eshells & Burntongues, £84.20 Chesterwood & Black Callerton, £84 High Eshells (x2), Halton Red House, Middle Dukesfield, Barker House, Low Ardley & Wallhouses, £83.80 Black Callerton, £83.50 Nilston Rigg, £83 East House & Frolar Meadows

232.5p Little Swinburne, 227.9p Comb Hills, 221.4p Little Swinburne, 214p East Greenridge, 212.5p Little Swinburne, 212.2p Low Ardley, 210p High Eshells, 206.1p Burntongues, 203.9p Sherburn Tower, 202.4p Little Swinburne (x2), 200.5p Chesterwood, 200p High Eshells, Barker House, East House & Black Callerton, 198.8p Nilston Rigg & East House, 197.7p Longlea, 197.6p & 197.5p East House, 197.4p L& 196.6p Linacres, 196.3p Watch Currock, 195.5p Little Swinburne, 195.2p Middle Dukesfield & Halton Red House, 195.1p Middle Dukesfield & Ravenside, 195p & 194.4p East House, 192.8p Chesterwood, 192.7p Middle Dukesfield, 192.5p Low Eshells, 192.2p Watch Currock, 190.2p East House, 188.7p Wallhouses, 188.5p Burntongues, 188.1p Ravenside, 188p Barker House, 187.5p Linacres, 187.2p Longlea, 186.7p Middle Dukesfield, 186.6p Comb Hills, 186.4p Low Eshells & Longlea, 186.2p Linacres

Suffolk x – £90 Barker House, £86.60 Luns House, £85.50 Sunniside, £83 East Greenridge & Berwick Hill, £81.50 Luns House, £80 Laburnum Cottage, Comb Hills & Sunniside

186.1p, 185.9p & 185.6p Sunniside, 183.4p Black Hedley, 180.4p East Greenridge, 180p Merryshields (x2) & Barker House, 176.7p Fairley, 174.4p Merryshields, 173.9p Luns House, 172.9p Berwick Hill

Beltex x - £100 & 238.1p East Greenridge (WS)

Charollais x - £93.50, £90 & £89.50 Sunniside

200p, 194.6p & 190.8p Sunniside

Leicester - £74.50 High Town, £69 Hotbank

165.6p High Town, 160.5p Hotbank

Mule –£78.50 Highwood, £77.50 High Town, £77 Townshields & Hotbank, £75.20 High Town, £74.80 Highwood, £73.50 Hotbank, £73 Frolar Meadows, £71.20 Longlea, £70 High Town

178.1p Highwood, 172.5p Hotbank, 167.1p High Town, 167p Highwood, 165.6p Longlea, 164.9p High Town, 163.5p Longlea, 163.3p Hotbank, 162.8p High Town, 162.2p Frolar Meadows

Blackface - £73, £63 & £61 Hotbank

158.7p, 153.7p & 152.5p Hotbank

Crossbred - £78 Derecroft, £70.20 Halfway House

173.3p Derecroft

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x£80 Comb Hills, £72 Laburnum Cottage

Suffolk x - £87 & £77 Sherburn Tower

Zwartbles – £76 East Broomshields

Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 10th August 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their annual prize show and sale of store cattle and offered for sale 632 head representing a similar entry on the year considering the severe summer conditions.

Prior to the sale the show was kindly sponsored by Zoetis Animal Health, Hodgson Toyota and Harbro Animal Nutrition and was expertly judged by Mr Lloyd Fowlie, Guise of Tough, Aberdeenshire.  A sound entry of 23 show cattle were presented before the judge and after preliminary breed classes he favoured the British Blue sire awarding the overall championship and the Smith-Jackson Challenge Cup to the best calf bred by exhibitor to Gordon & Julie Sedgewick, RIcknall Grange, Newton Aycliffe.  Their tremendously correct homebred British Blue cross heifer at 15 months of age with power, style, and prowess looked every inch the Champion led on the halter and was impeccably well behaved in the show ring and later in the sale ring went on to sell for one of the leading prices on the day at £1300 to Mr Alan Redpath, Lowesby Farms, Leicestershire.

The Reserve Championship rosette was awarded to the first prize Blue cross steer; a sparkling Blue and White eyecatcher at ten months of age that also led well on the halter and certainly appealed in the sale ring to cash for £1400 and joint top price of the day to a telephone bidder.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, master judge and all exhibitors without whom such highlights within our sales calendar could not take place.

Anniversary Prize Show

Native/Other Steer  1st  The Deans
Native/Other Heifer 1st  New Houses

Charolais Steer        1st  Hay A Park 
                                 2nd Hay A Park

British Blue Steer    1st  Ricknall Grange
British Blue Heifer   1st  High Town 
                                 2nd Harwood Shield 
                                 3rd Harwood Shield

Limousin Steer         1st   Bog Hall  
                                  2nd  Hoyles Bottom  
                                  3rd   Chirdon
Limousin Heifer        1st   Hoyles Bottom 
                                  2nd  Harwood Shield                                 
                                  3rd   Middle Horsleyhope

Overall Champion  -  M/s Sedgewick, Ricknall Grange – British Blue x steer
Reserve Champion -  M/s Smith Jackson, High Town – British Blue x heifer
Best Calf Bred by Exhibitor – M/s Sedgewick, Ricknall Grange
Champion Limousin – M/s Robinson, Bog Hall

Besides the show cattle a good entry of top quality commercial store cattle were presented to a full ringside of buyers from across the UK.  Trade was largely improved on that seen in recent weeks with the best end of cattle maintaining rates achieved in late spring however any secondary, leaner, longer keep types persist in being harder to place with buyers very cautious in their selection and a marked difference in value between the two classes of quality. 

Joint top price on the day was another £1400 for a smart Blue cross heifer at 20 months from Matt Findlay, High Farm, Hallington which would easily have suited a breeding or feeding route. Martin Johnson, High Fotherley enjoyed a super trade for his annual consignment of Angus and Simmental cross steers and came next in the ranking, with an Angus by a registered pedigree sire at 16 months which hit £1370.  Another well-sold run of cattle were brought to Hexham for the first time by Halifax based producer David Bamforth, Hoyles Bottom and his lead heifer was knocked down at £1350 with his best bullock levelling at £1285.
Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Charolais x steers – £1100 Hay A Park (x2)

Limousin x steers – £1340, £1240 & £1200 Hay A Park, £1140 Luns House

Limousin x heifers - £1350 Hoyles Bottom, £1220 & £1130 Silloans, £980 Woodhead

British Blue x heifers - £1400, £1130, £1110, £1060 & £1050 Hallington High Farm

Simmental x heifers – £1020 High Wooley

Angus x steers - £1240 & £1190 Aydonshields

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Charolais x steers – £1340, £1330, £1305, £1295 (x2), £1275, £1270, £1265, £1250 (x2) & £1240 Hay A Park, £1225 Hay A Park & Woodhead, £1195 & £1160 Hay A Park

Charolais x heifers – £1120 Hallington New Houses, £1060 Grange Farm

Limousin x steers – £1245 Luns House, £1240 Luns House & Miller Hill, £1210 Luns House, £1190 Hallington New Houses, £1155 Luns House, £1155 & £1120 Hay A Park, £1100 Woodhead, £1080 Hay A Park, £1050 Springwell Cottage

Limousin x heifers – £1260 & £1130 Hoyles Bottom, £1100 Luns House & Hoyles Bottom, £1020 West Mill Hills, £990 Luns House

British Blue x steers - £985 Camphill

British Blue x heifers - £990 Hallington High Farm

Simmental x steers – £1050 Miller Hill

Angus x steers -£1250 & £1200 High Fotherley, £1180 Hallington New Houses, £1140 Aydonshields, £1130 High Fotherley

Angus x heifers – £1310 Hallington New Houses, £1180 Sunniside

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Charolais x steers – £1285 Hay A Park, £1270 & £1095 Grange Farm, £1050 Cooper House, £960 Grange Farm

Charolais x heifers - £1085 Thrunton, £1035 Tenter House, £990 Cooper House & Tenter House, £900 Cooper House

Limousin x steers – £1285 Hoyles Bottom, £1275 Quarry House, £1250 Chirdon, £1240 Bog Hall, £1235 & £1225 Springwell Cottage, £1195 Woodhead, £1180 & £1155 Springwell Cottage, £1150 Cornhills, £1145 Woodhead & Low Eshells, £1135 Ricknall Grange, £1130 Springwell Cottage (x2) & Dukesfield Hall, £1120 Greyside & Woodhead, £1110 Springwell Cottage, £1105 Salmonswell & Harwood Shield, £1100 Springwell Cottage (x2) & Greyside, £1090 Tenter House & Low Eshells, £1080 Tenter House & Greyside (x2), £1075 Greyside, Low Eshells & Birtleyshields, £1070 Salmonswell, Woodhead & Dukesfield Hall, £1065 Woodhead

Limousin x heifers – £1220 Harwood Shield, £1215 Bog Hall, £1200 Middle Horsleyhope, £1160 Low Middleton & Ricknall Grange, £1150 West Mill Hills, £1130 Brownsleazes, £1115 Hoyles Bottom, £1110 Miller Hill, £1100 West Mill Hills, £1095 Low Middleton & Hoyles Bottom (x2), £1090 West Mill Hills, £1085 Salmonswell, Greyside & Woodhead, £1080 Low Middleton & Hoyles Bottom, £1065 Quarry House, £1050 Whiteside Haltwhistle, £1030 (x2) & £1025 Hoyles Bottom, £1020 Low Middleton, £990 Low Eshells & Hoyles Bottom, £980 Middle Horsleyhope & Miller Hill, £970 Low Middleton, Greyside & Hoyles Bottom, £950 Middle Horsleyhope & Woodhead (x2)

Blonde x steers – £1265 & £1190 Brownsleazes

Blonde x heifers – £1020 & £910 Brownsleazes

British Blue x steers – £1300 Ricknall Grange, £1190, £1130 & £1100 Cornhills, £1040, £1000 & £900 Camphill

British Blue x heifers – £1400 High Town, £1210 Harwood Shield, £1145 & £1140 Chirdon, £1100 Harwood Shield (x2), £1005 Chirdon, £985 Ricknall Grange, £955 Harwood Shield, £900 Camphill

Simmental x steers – £1280, £1275, £1170 (x2), £1165, £1130 & £1110 High Fotherley, £1045 & £1040 Langley West

Angus x steers – £1370, £1280, £1265 & £1180 High Fotherley, £1170 High Fotherley (x2) & Thrunton, £1150 & £1100 High Fotherley, £1075 & £1040 Low Eshells, £1000 Hallington High Farm

Angus x heifers – £930 Thrunton, £900 Low Eshells

Cattle 10 months and under

Charolais x steers – £900 Wydon

Limousin x steers – £1175 Quarry House, £1160 Harwood Shield, £1110 High Town, £1095 & £1005 Harwood Shield, £1000, £980 & £950 Ricknall Grange, £945 Burnbank, £935 Dyke Nook (x2), £925 Beacon Rigg, £920 Ricknall Grange

Limousin x heifers – £1130 Harwood Shield, £1080 Ricknall Grange, £1035 Harwood Shield, £1000 Chirdon, £970 Woodhead, £960 Quarry House & Hoyles Bottom, £935 Quarry House, £900 Whiteside Haltwhistle (x2)

British Blue x steers – £980 Harwood Shield

With buyers keen for the best cattle any potential vendors with quality sorts are urged to contact our auctioneers to maximise returns.  A super catalogue of beef breeding cattle including three herd dispersals also went under the hammer at Hexham on this day and a full report will follow in due course.

Store Sheep

Store Lambs

Today saw our Annual Anniversary Prize Show and Sale of Store Lambs and it has to be said that there was a tremendous show forward.  Many thanks to all vendors who took part in the show.  Thanks to our sponsors and also Barclays Bank.  On behalf of everyone here at Hexham I would like to thank you all.
Judging this tremendous show of lambs this year was Mr K Harryman, Keskdale who placed M/s CA&JG Skidmore, Needless Hall first in the Other Continental class and Overall Champions.  This great pen of Beltex x lambs realised a terrific £108.  Two further pens passed the £100 barrier.  These coming from M/s SH Spours & Son, Henlaw (£105) and Mr James Latimer, Chapel House (£100).
Mule lambs would be dearer on the week.  Longer keep lambs in line with previous weeks and nice to sell.
For further enquiries and entries for next week’s sale please call Drew Patrick 07854361967 or the office on 01434 605444

Prize Show

Texel x         1st   Rinnion Hill
                     2nd  Whittonshields
                     3rd  Falstone Farm
Other Cont.  1st  Needless Hall
                     2nd Henlaw
                     3rd  Errington Red House
Suffolk         1st  Lowes Fell
Mule             1st  Penpeugh
                    2nd Softley
                    3rd The Knarr
Hill Lambs   1st Greenchesters (Cheviots)

Champion Pen  -  M/s Skidmore, Needless Hall – Beltex x
Reserve Champion  -  M/s Tailford, Rinnion Hill – Texel x
Texel x – £100 Chapel House, £92 Lough Green, £89 Chapel House, £85 Chesterwood & Stobby Lea, £84 Simonburn Kennels, £83.50 Felton Demesne, £83 Simonburn Kennels & Willimoteswick, £82.50 Amos Hill, £82 South Gunnerton, £81 Errington Red House (x2), £80.50 Old Blacksmith Shop & Felton Demesne, £78.50 Normans Riding, £77.50 Whittonshields & Normans Riding, £77 Chapel House, Willimoteswick & High Yarridge, £76 Rinnion Hills, £75 Simonburn Kennels, Rinnion Hills, Haggate & Normans Riding

Suffolk x – £88 & £86 Woodhall, £82 Felton Demesne, £81 Snabdough, £73.50 Harsondale, £72 Lowes Fell, £70 Woodhall, £67 Settlingstones, £64 Snabdough & West Park, £63 Henlaw & Dale House

Beltex x - £108 Needless Hall, £105, £91 & £90 Henlaw, £86.50 Jolly Body, £85.50 Henlaw, £84 Blakelaw, £78.50 Linacres, £77.50 Hownsgill, £76 Yatesfield

Cheviot x - £78 & £76 Greenchesters

Mule – £84.50 Settlingstones, £84 Dickson Drive, £79 Harsondale, £75 Penpeugh, £72.50 Allenshields, £71 Harsondale, £65 Softley & Flotterton, £64.50 Allenshields, £64 Amos Hill, £63 Penpeugh

Crossbred – £86 High Yarridge, £82 Felton Demesne, £80 High Yarridge, £71 Felton Demesne

Cast Ewes

All classes of ewes dearer on the week with more buyers present this week.  Heavy ewes sold to a fast trade especially.  Texel x ewes selling to £128 for M/s WH Davison & Son, Lough Green.
We are needing more ewes’ week on week to fulfill buyer demand.
For more information please don’t hesitate to call Drew Patrick on 07854361967

Texel x – £128 Lough Green, £93 Lough Green & West Wharmley, £91 Amos Hill, £90 Amos Hill, Well House & Linacres, £86 Lough Green, £83 Linacres, £81 Mickley Moor, £79 Barker House, £77 Thornley Hall, £75 China Hall (x2)

Suffolk – £126 & £76 Long Meadow House

Suffolk x – £104 & £100 East Fourstones, £99 West Wharmley, £72 East Fourstones

Beltex x - £110, £89 & £78 Well House

Bleu D’Maine - £95 Lough Green

Leicester - £74 Thornley Hall

Cheviot x - £80 Barker House, £62 Low Houselope

Mule – £82 Linacres, £76 China Hall, Steel Hall & Settlingstones, £75 Amos Hill & West Wharmley, £74 Middle Dukesfield & Felton Demesne, £72 Mickley Moor, £71 Barker House

Blackface – £42 Glebe Farm, £41 Flotterton, £40 Flotterton & Low Houselope

Swaledale – £50 & £37 Glebe Farm

Crossbred - £82 Linacres, £65 West Park, £56 Felton Demesne

Breeding Cattle | Friday 10th August 2018

Breeding Cattle

Alongside their Anniversary prize shows and sales for both top quality store cattle and store lambs Hexham & Northern Marts held their monthly sale of beef breeding cattle which included three important suckler cow herd dispersals from highly regarded producers from across the region.

With three very different and distinct herds offered for sale the resulting interest and ultimately the attendance at the sale was nothing short of remarkable considering the weather conditions seen throughout the summer which have hardly been conducive for cattle at grass.  Buyers assembled at the ringside had travelled from all over the UK and the ensuing demand far exceeded the expectations of the vendors and the auctioneers.

The first herd to be sold was that of Michael Kennedy, Birkside farm which is situated at 1100 feet above sea level high in the parish of Blanchland on the heather clad Northumberland/County Durham Border.  The twenty strong herd of cows were predominantly ‘first cross’ British Blue cows bred from traditional type Friesian dairy cows and running with their Limousin cross calves at foot and diagnosed to calve again to the Limousin bull during winter and spring.

The lead outfit for Messrs Kennedy was a deep and square 2012 born Blue mother with a well grown Limousin cross heifer calf at foot and due to calve again by the end of the summer which sparked a frenzy of bidding at the ringside and set the tone for the entire sale eventually changing hands for £2450 being taken home by Messrs Robson, High West House, Tow Law.  The next highest ranking outfit from Birkside was a Black Limousin cross cow a year older than the lot leader which had a shapely ¾ bred Limousin heifer calf at foot and this one too went home with Messrs Robson who may well enjoy a yuletide calving from their second purchase of the day.

Birkside leading prices;
British Blue cross – £2450 (2012 born/heifer calf at foot), £1900 (2013/steer), £1820 (2010/heifer), £1750 (2014/heifer), £1650 (2010/heifer), £1550 (2013/steer), £1550 (2010/heifer) £1520 (2014/steer).
Limousin cross – £2020 (2011/heifer), £1920 (2011/steer), £1380 (2006/steer).

Messrs Kennedy were delighted with their trade which saw the entire herd average £1577 per outfit and wish all their buyers good luck with their purchases.

The second herd to be offered on the catalogue was that belonging to Robbie and Paul Coulson, High Staward, Langley on Tyne which in contrast to the continental bent of the Birkside cows this herd consisted of the two leading breeds of cattle native to the British Isles and indeed the most prevalent in the world; the Angus and the Hereford.
Having personally hand selected their replacements each year from the best available locally the father and son team brought their black and black/white head stock cows into the market with their spring born Charolais cross calves at foot, the cows having run with the heavyweight gallic sire once again and due to calve from February onwards.

As with the previous herd and indeed all three brought under the hammer on the day there was a strong interest from friends and neighbours keen to give a ‘helping hand’ at the ringside in acknowledgement of the quality, genuine cattle on offer. Whilst not reaching the heights of the Blue crosses seen earlier Messrs Coulson enjoyed a steady and level trade throughout with perhaps the younger Hereford cross portion of the herd edging slightly in front of the Angus cross offering.  The dearest of the herd was a 2013 born Hereford cross with her march born Charolais cross steer at foot which was knocked down at £1950 to Philip & Fiona Scott, Westburnhope, Hexhamshire, as were their next two with slightly older calves at £1920 and £1900.  With either breed ideal for farming in the hills the Angus crosses peaked at £1800 for a 2011 born cow with a heifer calf at foot which went to John and Lindsay Baxter, The Monk, Whitfield. 

High Staward leading prices;
Hereford cross – £1950 (2013/heifer), £1920 (2013/steer), £1900 (2013/steer), £1850 (2013/steer), £1780 (2013/heifer), £1750 (2013/heifer), £1500 (2013/heifer) & £1420 (2013/steer).
Angus cross – £1800 (2011/heifer), £1700 (2011/heifer), £1550 (2013/steer), £1440 (2013/steer), £1320 (2008/steer), £1320 (2008/steer), £1320 (2008/steer).

Messrs Coulson commented following the sale that they were delighted with the dispersal and their sale average of £1556 and they too wish their purchasers the best of luck with the cattle.

Completing the trio of herds under the hammer on the day was the highly regarded and respected thirty-five head strong catalogue of exceptional beef bred sucklers from Robyn and Martyn Archer, Carry House, Wark on Tyne.  With a well-documented track record in both sale and show rings across the region and especially at Hexham Messrs Archer made the difficult decision to disperse their herd and the sale generated a palpable air of anticipation. 

Having been sourced with a discerning eye from noted commercial breeders across the region in search of utmost quality Messrs Archers favoured either ‘Blue cross Lim’ or ‘Lim cross Blue’ cows with no diary influence present resulting in a definite ‘stamp’ throughout.  The critical factor and the secret to the high performing nature of the herd and the calves in particular was the attention to detail of Martyn Archer in sourcing and applying the best possible ‘show calf’ Limousin sires to his prized females. 

With bloodlines going back to Haltcliffe, Goldies, Cloughead and Sarkley the ‘Carry House’ herd of pedigree Limousin cattle were the cornerstone of the commercial operation and the foundation of the young stock bull ‘Carry House Lord’ which had been used alongside ‘Jackal’ in the breeding of the tremendous cross bred calves running at foot which garnered so much attention in the lead up to the sale.

With the ringside, all seating and even the viewing gallery filled to bursting the first outfit entered the ring; a long, deep, sleek black and white 2014 born Blue cross with a may born steer calf by Jackal and immediately the tone of the sale was set.  Bidding began and quickly rose to £3200 with interest from all over the UK and the hammer falling in favour of a Cumbria based purchaser.  Throughout the catalogue values were frequently in the same bracket and onlookers saw the herd dissipated all over the UK from Aberdeenshire to Wales and to Dumfriesshire, Northumberland and Leicestershire also. 

The pinnacle of the commercial trade was that attained for the ninth outfit on the comprehensive catalogue which was a jet black 2012 born Limousin cross cow bred by the Browell brothers at Quarry House which stood out with her ‘Lord’ sired, late may born calf, both exhibiting the traits so obviously striven for and achieved by Messrs Archer.  This one was ‘the one that everyone wanted’ and as such it sailed away to the centre record breaking price for a commercial beef breeding animal at £3500 and was knocked down to father and son Alistair and Logan Ewart, Isle of Dalton, Lockerbie who were delighted to be the new owners.

It was in this vein that the sale of the cross bred cattle flowed from start to finish and it followed through into the dispersal of pedigree Limousin cattle on behalf of Messrs Archer.  The Herd matriarch; 2011 born ‘Haltcliffe Glade’ embodied the ideals which could be seen throughout both classes from Carry House; length, depth, style, shape, movement and character.  With her ‘Jackal’ sired surrogate calf at foot she was the target of the affections of two local, determined buyers who battled fervently with the victor; James Pritchard emerging at 4100gns to take the red lady home to his Rede Valley based Evistones Estate farming operation and one would assume a fledgling pedigree herd.  A fair assumption in as much that the next two lots; the ‘Ananas’ sired cow ‘Carry House Iona’ with another ‘Jackal’ heifer calf at foot and the highly thought of ‘Carry House Nova’ may 2017 born bulling heifer by ‘Powerhouse Italic’ both went to the same purchaser at 2500gns and 3000gns respectively.  With many of his progeny having passed through the sale ring in the preceding hour the final lot was ‘Carry House Lord’ the 2015 born stock bull, by ‘Ananas’ out of ‘Glade’ which undoubtedly is yet to reach full potential but with several clear and exciting indicators of that potential already ‘on the ground’.  A great many producers that consign top quality suckled calves for sale at Hexham had gathered to at least witness the sale and a number came forward with intent to buy. It was this intent that saw bidding rise to 6900gns and the hammer fall in favour of respected breeders of high end commercial cattle Messrs Walton, Greyside, Hexham.      

Messrs Archer were delighted with their trade and astounded at the turnout for the dispersal and commented that the results were ‘better than could be imagined’ averaging an impressive £2429 per commercial outfit.  Martyn added his sincere thanks to all involved in the sale and also wished all buyers success with their purchases.

Carry House leading prices;
British Blue cross - £3500 (2012/steer), £3200 (2014/steer), £3100 (2013/heifer), £3050 (2013/steer), £2850 (2011/steer), £2800 (2010/steer), £2700 (2010/steer), £2650 (2010/heifer).
Limousin cross - £3000 (2015/heifer), £3000 (2014/heifer), £2850 (2012/heifer), £2700 (2009/steer), £2650 (2014/steer), £2550 (2010/heifer), £2500 (2014/heifer), £2350 (2010/heifer), £2050 (2012/steer), £2000 (2007/heifer), £1950 (2015/heifer), £1850 (2006/steer).

In addition a small entry of heifers with calves at foot also sold well as follows;
Limousin cross – £1750 Tosson Glebe & Old Hall, £1580 Tosson Glebe.

Scots Gap Mart | Wednesday 8th August 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Scots Gap Auction mart sold 422 Prime and Cast sheep at their weekly sale. Trade was improved on the week and dearer than seen earlier in the week. Five super heavy Texel cross lambs from Messrs Clark, Paxton Dene, Longhorsley topped the sale at £96 to Chris Siswick, whilst Carl and Edward Fawcett, Well House, Harbottle brought forward their first lambs of the season to top at 215.9ppkg to Jamie Curle, Bowsden. Two local butchers were represented and handy packets of lambs from Messrs Thompson, The Fawns, Cambo and Messrs Robson, High Baulk, Great Whittington were purchased by Jeff Dunn, for Bellingham Craft Butchers and WMH Farm Fresh Meats, Haydon Bridge. Respectively cast ewes peaked at £112 for Suffolk crosses from William Walton, Castle Farm, Ogle, whilst Mules from the same home sold to £83. Hexham type Blackfaces sold to a great top of £71 from Edward Thoburn, Pitland Hills. Prime Lambs sold to average £80.15 for 43.3kg and an SQQ figure of 186.2ppkg, more of all classes are urgently required.

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £96 Paxton Dene, £95 Well House, £92 The Fawns, £90(x2) Paxton Dene, £90 Mill View, £88 Rugley Walls, £87.50 High Baulk, £87 Black Callerton, £86.50 The Fawns, £86.50 High Baulk, £86 The Chesters, £86 The Fawns, £85.80 Black Callerton, £85 The Chesters, £84.50 East White Hill, £84 Paxton Dene, £84 Well House, £84 Rugley Walls, £84 East Newham.

215.9p & 210.0p Well House, 200.0p (x2) & 196.6p The Fawns, 196.6p High Baulk, 196.3p West Grange, 195.7p Paxton Dene, 195.4p Rugley Walls, 193.4p East White Hill, 191.1p The Chesters, 190.7p Black Callerton, 190.2p High Baulk, 188.8p High House, 188.5p Crescent, 187.8p The Fawns, 187.8p East White Hill, 187.5p Paxton Dene, 187.5p Mill View, 186.3p High House.

Suffolk x - £90 The Chesters, £85 Black Callerton, £78.50 The Fawns, £78 & £73.50 East White Hill

191.5p The Chesters, 191.5p The Fawns, 188.5p East White Hill, 180.9p Black Callerton

Mule – £75 & 166.7p Pitland Hills.


Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x -£96(x2), £88 Ogle Castle, £82 West Shaftoe, £74 Grangemoor

Mule - £83 Ogle Castle, £75 Pitland Hills, £70 & £55 West Shaftoe

Blackface - £71 Pitland Hill

Zwartbles - £80 West Shaftoe

Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 7th August 2018


Prime Cattle

Charolais Heifers – £1274.13 & 214.5p Flotterton

Angus Heifers – £1264.77 & 221.5p Flotterton


An increased show of cows this week which were dearer than last week’s rates. Nice trade throughout.  More cows and bulls wanted on a weekly basis to meet buyers demand.

For entries and enquiries please call Drew on 07854361967 or the office on 01434 605444

Limousin – £1025.75 Cornhills, £989.06 Round Meadows, £934.20 Broomhall, £856.56 Dene House, £837.33 & £813.87 Dunns Houses, £812.01 Broomhall

139.5p Round Meadows, 137.5p Cornhills, 128.5p Broomhall, 124.5p Dene House, 123.5p Dunns Houses (x2)

Limousin Bull - £1166.78 & 113.5p Blackhalls

Angus - £1021.47 Glendue, £912.67 Broomhall, £853.23 Flotterton

123.5p Broomhall, 121.5p & 119.5p Flotterton, 118.5p Glendue, 108.5p Coldwell, 100.5p Billerley

Simmental - £911.07 & £886.65 Dunns Houses

128.5p (x2) Dunns Houses

Belted Galloway - £716.63 & 122.5p Hall Hill

Prime Sheep


Prime Lambs

Increased entry forward and overall a better show of well fleshed lambs. Trade was considerably dearer on the week as with the national trend.

Top price of the day £100 for Texel x from Ian Henderson, Pasture House with others to £94

Top price per kilo also Texel x @ 212p from regular consignors WR Sparke & Son, Little Swinburne.

Texel x – £100, £94 (x2) & £92 Pasture House, £91.50 Middle Dukesfield, £90 Grindon Hill & Broomhall, £88 Wallhouses, Low Brunton & Nilston Rigg (x2), £87 Thornley Hall, Low Brunton, Thornley Hall, Watch Currock (x2) & West Shields, £86.80 High Eshells & West Shields, £85.50 Watch Currock & Broomhall, £85 Old Town, Little Swinburne, Grange House, High Fotherley & Nilston Rigg, £84.80 Little Swinburne, £84.50 High Eshells, Middle Dukesfield & Woodlands, £84 Low Brunton, £83.80 Watch Currock

212 & 207.3p Little Swinburne, 200p Pasture House (x2) & Nunwick, 199.5p Little Swinburne, 197.6p High Eshells, 197.5p Lingey Field, 197.1p Little Swinburne, 195.7p Grindon Hill, 195.4p Longshaws, 195.1p Nunwick, 192.9p High Eshells & Middle Dukesfield, 192.7p Aydonshields, 192.5p Nunwick, 192.4p Little Swinburne, 190.5p Lingey Field & Watch Currock, 190p Watch Currock, 189.5p Highwood, 188.9p Grange House, 187.8p South Gunnerton, 187.5p Broomhall, 187.2p Merryshields, 187p West Shields, 186.7p Middle Dukesfield & Moss Barns, 186.3p Fell Lane, 186.2p Wallhouses, 185.6p Middle Dukesfield, 185.2p Brokenheugh & Pasture House

Suffolk x – £90 & £85 Broomhall, £83.50 Flotterton, £82.20 Grindon Hill, £81.80 Board Inn, £81.50 Brokenheugh & Merryshields, £81.20 Board Inn, £80 Old Town, Nunwick & East Haydon, £79 Wallhouses & Merryshields, £78.80 Old Town

190.5p Nunwick, 184.6p Merryshields, 183.3p Merryshields & Old Town, 181.6p Sillywrea, 180.4p Board Inn, 180p Broomhall, 178.7p Grindon Hill, 178.6p Longshaws, 177.8p Board Inn & Easy Haydon, 177.7p Flotterton, 177.2p Brokenheugh, 176.7p Flotterton, 176.2p East Haydon, 175.6p Merryshields

Beltex x – £75.50 & 198.7p Grange House

Charollais x - £77 & £72.50 South Gunnerton

185.9p & 183.3p South Gunnerton

Leicester - £80 Colwell Demesne

Cheviot x- £78 & 177.3p Grindon Hill

Cheviot Mule - £77.50 & £75 Highwood

180.2p & 178.6p Highwood

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x£78 Board Inn, £71 China Hall

Hexham Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 3rd August 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts at their weekly sale of store cattle offered for sale 94 head of predominantly beef bred sorts.

With only slight rainfall across the region to date buyers remain apprehensive at the ringside with only the best of cattle maintaining the good rates seen earlier in the summer.

Mark & Olwyn Cameron, High Yarridge topped both the steer and heifer classes on the day with two shapely well-bred Limousin crosses and sold to £1150 and £1105 respectively.  Philip Forster, Brackenthwaite, Cumbria sold a pen of three smart Angus cross steers out of dairy cow mothers and by a registered pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull to lead the native trade on the day at £1090.

Cattle presented in their usual and recognised condition by noted vendors sold better than those showing signs of the dry summer which were again harder to cash with buyers selective in their purchases. 

Entries are invited for the special anniversary prize show and sale at Hexham taking place next Friday 10th August.  Producers seeking further information regarding trade and market requirements should contact our auctioneers on 01434 605444 who will be delighted to advise.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Angus x steers -£970 Hedley West Riding

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Angus x steers - £1090 Brackenthwaite, £945 & £890 Hedley West Riding

Angus x heifers - £1000 Blackburn

Charolais x heifers - £760 Green View

Limousin x steers - £1150 High Yarridge, £1140 & £1120 Gunnerton South Farm, £1100 Thrunton Lowfield, £1070 Brackenthwaite, £1040 Gunnerton South Farm (x2), £1010 Brackenthwaite, £900 & £865 Partridge Nest

Limousin x heifers - £1105 High Yarridge

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Angus x steers - £1000 Parkside, £860 Partridge Nest

British Blue x steers - £1020 Thrunton Lowfield, £835 Hawksteel

Charolais x steers - £1075 & £1000 Thrunton Lowfield

Limousin x steers - £1135 Thrunton Lowfield, £990 High Yarridge

Limousin x heifers - £1000, £900 (x2) & £880 Blackburn, £810 Throp Hill & Hawksteel, £550 Linshiels

Simmental x steers - £1130, £1090 & £1070 Thrunton Lowfield

10 Months and Under

Limousin x heifers - £580 & £550 Linshiels

Store Sheep

Cast Ewes

Similar show of ewes this week. Fleshed ewes slightly dearer on the week. More Ewes needed to satisfy buyer demand.

Texel x - £100 Ashview, £98 Duncombe Moor, £87 Riding Hills, £86 Mickley Moor, £85 Grange House (M Burn), £81 Stotsfold, £79 Grange House, £76 Grange House (M Burn) (x2), £74 Grange House, £73 Low Struthers, £72 Grange House

Suffolk x - £83 Grange Houses (M Burn), £67 Grange House

Mule - £77 Ashview, £70 Grange House & Stotsfold, £65 Mickley Moor, £64 Settlingstones, £60 Duncombe Moor & Thornley Hall, £56 Low Struthers

Leicester - £84 Stotsfold, £81 & £64 Thornley Hall, £52 White House

Blackface - £44 Hepple Whitefield

Swaledale - £38 Ashview, £36 Thornley Hall, £34 Kirkley House, £32 Stotsfold

Crossbred - £80 Grange House

Store Lambs

An increased entry of lambs this week with another ring full of buyers. Show of lambs not quite as strong as last week but lambs meeting good rates. Sale topped for smart Beltex x lambs from Messrs CA & JG Skidmore, Needless Hall realizing £84. Suffolk x lambs topped at £74.50 from Messrs S Shell & Sons, Brandon.

Next week is our Anniversary Show & Sale of store lambs with pens of 20 for each breed class. For entries and information please feel free to call Drew on 07854 361967 or Office on 01434605444

Texel x – £82 Burnbank, £75 Needless Hall & Haggate, £74 West Mill Hills (x2), £73 Shotton, £72 NormaNS Riding & Settlingstones, ££71.50 Normans Riding & Ridley Farm, £71 Stone Hall, £70 The Old School, £69 Chesterwood, Highwood & Haggate, £68 Burnbank, £66.50 Whittonshields, £66 Ridley Farm, Low Struthers, The Bridges, Hepple Whitefield & The Old School

Suffolk x – £74.50 & £74 Brandon, £71 Low Struthers, £70 Hepple Whitefield, £69.50 Settlingstones, £65 Nettlesworth West House

Beltex x – £84, £80, £79 Needless Hall, £74.50 Low Struthers

Dutch Texel - £68.50 & £64.50 Netherton

Mule - £63.50 Softley

Cheviot Mules – £73.50 Highwood


Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 31st July 2018


Prime Cattle

Hexham and Northern Marts held their weekly sale of clean cattle and cull cows with today’s sale being the Annual Summer Prize Show & Sale. This was kindly sponsored by John Warren ABP & Carrs Billington. The Show today was kindly judging by Mr Dennis Scott.

Topping today’s sale was the 1st Prize Heifer consigned by Messrs J & D Longlands Ltd, Tone Hall. This very smart heifer sold for 239.5ppkg (£1396.29)

Prime Steer/Heifer
J & D Longlands
Tone Hall
J & D Longlands
Tone Hall


Charolais Heifers – £1396.29, £1337.63, £1298.72 Tone Hall

239.5p, 231.4p & 217.5p Tone Hall


Today’s Summer Cull Cow Show was ably judged by Mr G Chapman who chose a large Aberdeen Angus x Cow as 1st prize from Mr DG Clemitson, Byreside, Hamsterley. She then topped the sale, selling for 137.5ppkg (£1233.38).

Trade on the whole very a similar to last week. More needed for next week’s sale. For Entries and Enquiries please Call Drew Patrick 07854361967

Prime Cow
DG Clemitson
EV Kenyon & Son
South Farm

Angus –
£1233.38 & £1044.11 Byreside

137.5p & 131.5p Byreside

Angus x - £845.64 South Farm, £841.73 & £821.25 Billerley

129.5p South Farm

British Friesian - £865.06 & 129.5p Fellside

Limousin – £891.79 & £827.37 Dykehead, £810.84 South Farm, £789.75 Dykehead

130.5p, 128.5p & 121.5p Dykehead, 118.5p & 117.5p Throp Hill

Shorthorn x - £715.02 China Hall

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly Sale of Prime sheep incorporating the Annual Summer Show & Sale of Lambs as well as classes for Young Handlers & YFC Members. The Show was kindly sponsored by John Warren ABP & Carrs Billington and expertly judged by regular purchaser Jamie Curle, Bowsden.

The Champion pen went to TW Dinning & Son, Watch Currock for 5 tremendous Texel x Lambs which realised £86.50 purchased by Daniel Kemp. Reserve Champion Pen of 5 Texels from T Common & Son, Low Ardley sold to £78.

The Young Handlers class was won by Harry Robinson, Bog Hall, Capheaton with an outstanding Beltex Lamb at 46kg and realising £150 (326.1ppkg) purchased by Jamie Curle.

Reserve Champion Young Handler went to a Texel Lamb shown by Libby Reed, High Eshells at 43kg and sold at £102 again purchased by Jamie Curle.

Young Farmers Pairs was won by Gemma Common, Low Ardley which sold to £82.50 to Jamie Curle



5 Texel x
TW Dinning & Son
Watch Currock
T Common & Son
Low Ardley
Champion Pen
Tw Dinning & Son
Watch Currock
T Common & Son
Low Ardley
YFC – Pair Any Breed
Texel x
Gemma Common
Low Ardley
Young Handlers (Under 16)
Beltex x
Harry Robinson
Bog Hall
Alice Walton
Jack Dinning
Watch Currock
Texel x
Libby Reed
High Eshells
Robson Carr
David Carr Jr
Suffolk x
William Rutherford
Low Eshells
Charlotte Rutherford
Low Eshells
Continental x
Tony Barron
Geoff Barron
Harry Robinson, Bog Hall
Libby Reed, High Eshells

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £102 High Eshells, £10 & £93 Highwood, £90 Low Eshells & Black Callerton, £87 High Eshells & Wallhouses, £86.50 High Eshells (x2) Black Callerton & Watch Currock (Champion), £86 Black Callerton, £85 Barker House, North Cocklake & Blackburn, £84.50 Low Ardley & Aydonshields, £83.50 Barker House, £83.20 Watch Currock & Blackburn, £83 Black Hedley & Black Callerton

237.2p High Eshells, 222.2p & 206.7p Highwood, 201.2p High Eshells (x2), 198.1p & 193.2p Blackburn, 193.0p Black Callerton, 192.2p Watch Currock, 189.1p High Eshells, 187.5p Blackburn & Low Ardley, 185.2p Wallhouses (x2), 184.9p Watch Currock, 181.8p Highwood, 181.5p Barker House, 181.4p Low Ardley (x2)& Blackburn, 181.0p Low Eshells, 180.0p Highwood, Low Eshells & Aydonshields

Suffolk x – £100 & £92 Low Eshells, £88.50 (x2) Black Callerton, £81 Merryshields, £76.50 Sillywrea

188.7p & 176.9p Low Eshells, 172.3 & 172.1p Merryshields

Beltex x - £150 Bog Hall, £94 Linacres, £91 Watch Currock, £88 Linacres & Watch Currock, £80 Linacres

326.1p Bog Hall, 220.0p Watch Currock, 213.6p Linacres, 206.8p Watch Currock, 177.8p Linacres

Blue D’Maine - £74.50 Sillywrea

Crossbred - £70 & 194.4p Bingfield

Shropshire - £80 East Cocklaw

Mule - £73.50 & £70 Hotbank, £68 Bingfield

Blackface - £74.50 Hotbank

Cast Ewes and Rams

Crossbred - £92, £84, £82 & £70 Low Burradon

Blackface - £40 Hotbank

Hexham Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 27th July 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Mart offered 185 head of Store Cattle at their weekly sale representing a greatly increased entry o the year.

As drought conditions begin to hit hard in all regions, all classes were easier ion the week. Older, stronger sorts remain in demand however younger and lesser fleshed sorts are increasingly harder to place. Two0 consignments dominated the trade, peaking at £1340 for a big Charolais cross Steer were Messrs Walker Bros, Satley Farm, who saw a return of £1245 per head for 6 sold. Heifer trade was led by Messrs Milburn, Holling Hill who peaked at £1295 for an older sort also by the Charolais Bull and averaged £1215 for a round ten sold on the day.

Our auctioneers would welcome any enquiries regarding the sale of cattle and are actively seeking entries for our Anniversary Prize Show & Sale on the 10th August.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Angus x steers - £780 Green View

Angus x heifers - £995 Green View

Limousin x steers - £1120 Green View

Limousin x heifers - £1055 Green View, £970 & £930 Brackenthwaite, £870 East Newham

Simmental x steers - £960 & £900 Brandon, £895 Amerside, £880 & £860 Brandon, £835 Green View

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Angus x steers - £1200 Sunniside

Angus x heifers - £1260 Sunniside

British Blue x steers - £745 Green View

Charolais x steers - £1340 & £1290 (x2) Satley Farm, £1240 & £1210 Edlingham Newtown, £1200 Satley Farm & Edlingham Newtown (x3), £1190 Satley Farm, £1170 Green View, £1160 Satley Farm

Charolais x heifers - £1295, £1280, £1270, £1260, £1220, £1190, £1175, £1170 &. £1145 Holling Hill

Limousin x steers - £1160 & £1100 Holly Hill West, £930 The Granary

Limousin x heifers - £1180 Blackburn, £1140 Little Harle, £1090 Holly Hill West, £1050 Little Harle, £1035 Woodwell House, £1010 Blackburn, £980 Woodwell House, £900 Blackburn & Woodwell House, £880 Lingey Field

South Devon x steers - £1230 & £900 The Granary

Simmental x steers - £960 Hedley West Riding

Simmental x heifers - £830 Parkside

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Angus x steers - £900 Hedley West Riding & Amerside, £875 Amerside

Angus x heifers - £790 Hedley West Riding

British Blue x heifers - £830 Woodwell House

Charolais x steers - £830 Brandon

Charolais x heifers - £1130 Blackburn, £960 East Newham

Hereford x steers - £700 Brass Castle

Limousin x steers - £1100 Holly Hill West, £1060 East Newham, £900 White House (Burnhope)

Limousin x heifers - £1190 Blackburn, £1080 Lingey Field, £950 East Newham, £940 Blackburn, £930 Todhillwood, £920 (x2) & £900  East Newham, £900 Lingey Field, £860 & £845 Todhillwood, £800 White House

Simmental x heifers - £835 Comb Hills, £800 Brandon

Cattle 10 Months and Under

Limousin x steers - £790 Errington Red House

Limousin x heifers - £800 Todhillwood

Store Sheep

Cast Ewes

Larger show of ewes this week with more quality on offer. Stronger, fitter sheep slightly sharper but leaner sorts harder to cash. Sale topped at £100 for Texel x ewes from AG Murdoch & Sons, Duck Lane Farm, Bedfordshire. Mules from the same home selling for £66.

Texel x - £100 Duck Lane, £96 & £94 Hownsgill, £84 Kirkley House, £77 Hownsgill, £74 Duck Lane Farm, £70 Throstle Nest

Mule - £66 Duck Lane, £60 Glebe Farm

Leicester - £79 High Town, £73 Brieredge, £67 Glebe Farm

Blackface - £41 Brieredge

Swaledale - £39 Glebe Farm

Cheviot - £60 & £50 Flotterton

Crossbred - £82 Low Houselop

Store Lambs

Hexham Mart held its weekly sale of store lambs with 1430 lambs forward. Lambs slightly easier on the wee especially the medium and short keep lambs. Longer keep lambs remained the same as previous weeks with plenty of men looking for lambs at the ringside. For enquiries and entries please call Drew Patrick 01434605444 or 07854361967

Texel x – £80 Stone Hall, £78.50 Satley Farm, £77.50 The Shank, £76.50 & £76 Satley Farm, £76 Crow Hall, £74 Ridley Farm & Whittonshields, £73 Ridley Farm, £71 Throstle Nest, £70 Stone Hall (x2) & Crow Hall, £69.50 Ricknall Grange, £69 Mindrum, £67 Ridley Farm (x20, Whittonshields & Crow Hall, £66.50 Crow Hall, £66 Newbiggen & Chesterwood, £65.50 Stone Hall & Kimmerston

Suffolk x – £77 North Penny Hill, £76 Ricknall Grange, £65 Rennys Barn,

Beltex x – £79.50, £75.50 & £66 Throstle Nest

Hampshire - £63, £62 & £58 Pilmuir Farm,

Charollais x - £83, £78.50, £77 & £75.50 Satley Farm

Crossbred – £81 Satley Farm

Cheviot Mules - £63.50 & £59 Flotterton

Scots Gap Mart | Wednesday 25th July 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Wednesday 25th July 2018

Scots Gap Auction mart sold 329 Prime and Cast sheep at their weekly sale. Lambs peaked at £100 for a heavyweight Texel cross from David Cowan, Shaftoe Moor, whilst a smart mid weight pen from Dave Brodie, The Chesters, sold well at 44kg to realise 213.6ppkg. More lambs are required however leaner, lesser fleshed sorts are noticeably harder to cash. Robert, Jackie and Rachel Raine, Townfoot topped the cast trade at £116 for three big, fit pure bred Texel ewes. Increased numbers of cast sheep are also required to meet demand.

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £100 Shaftoe Moor, £95 & £94 Black Callerton, £94 (x2) The Chesters, £93 Tuthill, £93 The Chesters, £92 Black Callerton, £88 Colwell Hill, £88 Barrasford Green, £86.50 High Baulk, £86 & £85 Tuthill, £84 The Chesters, £80 (x2) Longshaws.

213.6p, 206.7p The Chesters, 204.7p Barrasford Green, 195.1p Whittonshields, 193.2p Tuthill, 192.5p High Baulk, 191.5p Town Farm, 190.9p The Chesters, 190.2p Barrasford Green, 189.5p Longshaws, 188.0p The Chesters, 187.8p Town Farm, 187.5p Catreen, 186.1p West Grange, 184.0p High Baulk, 183.8p Longshaws.

Suffolk x - £90 Tuthill, £85 Colwell Hill, £83 & £76.50 Broomhall, £75 Colwell Hill.

177.1p Colwell Hill, 176.6p Broomhall, 176.5p Tuthill.

Mule - £60 Townfoot

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x – £116 Townfoot, £94 Colwell Hill, £78, £70 & £64 Greenside

Suffolk x -£94 Broomhall

Mule - £57.50 Broomhall, £49, £48 (x2) Greenside

Blackface – £38 Townfoot


Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 24th July 2018



Prime Cattle

Charolais Heifers – £1461.38, £1267.30, £1216.69 & 1196.03 Flotterton 218.5p, 216.5p, 215.5p & 210.5p Flotterton


A smaller show of cows were submitted to the usual ringside of buyers. Well fleshed cattle were in demand, planer sorts were more difficult to cash.

Angus – 133.5p Yatesfield, 130.5p, 117.5p & 109.5p Flotterton,

Charolais – 146.5p Flotterton, 116.5 Errington Red House

Limousin – 139.5p Flotterton, 134.5p Piatroon, 130.5p Camphill (x2), 128.5p Flotterton, 127.5p, 119.5p & 115.5p Errington Red House 113.5p Yatesfield, 112.5p Ingoe Low Hall

Simmental – 133.5p Errington Red House

Angus – £943.85 Yatesfield, £877.10 Flotterton, £817.48 Monkseaton, £777.78 Flotterton

Charolais - £1013.55 Errington Red House, £903.91 Flotterton

Limousin – £1429.74 Piatroon, £1125 Ingoe Low Hall, £1042.14 Flotterton, £1005.98 Errington Red House, £972.32 Flotterton, £905.67 Camphill

Simmental - £989.24 Errington Red House

Prime Sheep

Similar numbers forward and trade at last weeks rates. Good, fed lambs were dearer. Top price per head was £100 for a Suffolk x from WR Heslop & Partners, Low Brunton. Top price per Kilo was for Texel x at 208.5p from regular consignors WR Sparke & Son Little Swinburne.

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £95 Errington Red House, £92 Elrington Hall, £90 Middle Farm Cottage, £89.50 Bulls Hill, £89 Elrington Hall, £88.50 Blackburn, £88 Great Chesters, £87.50 Errington Red House, £87 Wallhouses, Blackburn (x2) & Nilston Rigg, £86 Blackburn, £85.50 Little Swinburne & Low Brunton, £85 Haining Hall & Blackburn, £84.50 East Uppertown & Blackburn, £84 Elrington Hall, High Baulk & Blackburn, £83.80 Wallhouses, £83.50 Fell Lane, £83.20 Low Eshells, £82.50 Low Brunton, £82 Merryshields

208.5p, 203.9p & 203.8p Little Swinburne, 200.0p Blackburn, 198.8p Lingey Field, 197.7p (x2), 196.5p, 193.3p & 192.4p Blackburn, 191.3p Great Chesters, 189.8p Lingey Field, 189.0p Crescent Farm, 188.8p Lodge Farm, 187.8p Elrington Hall, 187.5p High Baulk & Middle Farm Cottage, 187.3p Low Eshells, 187.2p Elrington Hall, 187.0p Crescent Farm, 186.7p Blackburn, 186.3p Salmonswell, 186.2p Wallhouses, 185.6p Blue Gables & Fell Lane, 185.0p Middle Farm Cottage

Suffolk x – £100 Low Brunton, £86 Blackburn, £81.80 Merryshields, £81 Black Hedley, £79 Blue Gables & Sillywrea, £77.20 Black Hedley, £75 Merryshields

195.5p Blackburn, 182.1p Fell Lane, 181.8p Low Brunton, 176.1p Black Hedley, 175.6p Blue Gables, 175.0p Black Hedley, 173.7p Merryshields

Beltex x - £80.80 Little Swinburne (x2)

207.2p & 202.0p Little Swinburne, 195.0p Middle Farm Cottage,

Charollais x – £80 Gunnerton South Farm

Mule - £70 Bull Hill

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x – £80 Blue Wilson, £75 Errington Red House

Suffolk x – £84 Blue Gables, £73 Garden House

Mule – £69 Blue Gables

Hexham Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 20th July 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham and Northern Marts had forward an increased entry of 183 Store Cattle for their weekly sale. Another mixed show presented to a full ring of purchasers and trade maintained the rates of last week topping at £1305 for a strong Angus x heifer consigned by DA & P Burn & Sons, Aydonshields and a Limousin x heifer at £1300 from Raymond Little, Holly Hill West.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Angus heifers - £1045, £950, £910 Farnamullan

Angus x heifers - £1305 Aydonshields, £1190 Fairnley

British Blue x heifers - £1130 Aydonshields, £945 Farnamullan

Charolais x heifers - £1040 Edlingham Newtown

Hereford heifers - £935 Farnamullan

Hereford x steers - £1150 Aydonshields

Limousin x heifers - £1260 Cornhills, £1140 East Newham, £995 Farnamullan, £975 Brackenthwaite

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Angus heifers - £875 Farnamullan

Angus x steers - £1230 Holly Hill West, £1210 Warden Law, £1120 & £1080 The Deans, £900 Ravensworth Grange

Angus x heifers - £1250 & £1105 High Fotherley, £1105 The Reenes, £1060 High Fotherley, £1030 Brackenthwaite & The Deans, £1020 The Reenes, £965 South Chareheads, £950 Warden Law

British Blue x steers - £990 Woodwell House

Charolais x steers - £1105 The Granary

Charolais x heifers - £1250, £1200, £1160(x2), £1110, £1080 & £1070 Edlingham Newtown

Hereford steers - £1045 & £1010 Farnamullan

Limousin x steers - £1265 Holly Hill West, £1115 East Newham, £1080 & £965 Woodwell House

Limousin x heifers - £1300 & £1195 Holly Hill West, £1140 East Newham, £1085 Dykehead, £1000 Blackburn, £990 East Newham, £975 Brackenthwaite

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Angus x steers - £1100, £1075 & £1065 The Deans

Angus x heifers - £1105 High Fotherley, £915 Parkside, £840 Warden Law

Beef Shorthorn heifers - £845, £800, £775, £730 Fairnley

Charolais x steers - £1045 The Granary, £1020 & £950 Woodlands

Charolais x heifers - £1140 Edlingham Newtown, £1040 & £1010 Blackburn

Limousin x steers - £1080 East Newham

Limousin x heifers - £1070 Blackburn, £970 East Newham, £910 Blackburn

Simmental x heifers - £1070, £1030 & £970 High Fotherley

Store Sheep

More ewes forward this week but a plainer show, with more leaner ewes on show. Trade similar on the week.

An increased entry this week with a catalogued entry of 870 Lambs. All classes slightly dearer on the week. Larger, short keep lambs selling to £81. Smaller, smarter Beltex types selling to £80. Medium keep lambs selling between £63 & £67. Longer keep sorts £55 - £60

For all enquiries and entries please contact Drew Patrick on 07854361967 or the Mart Offices on 01434605444

Leading Prices;

Cast Ewes

Crossbred - £80 Steel Hall

Store Lambs

Texel x – £81 China Hall, £80 Ridley Farm, £78 China Hall, £77 Stone Hall, £76 Ridley Farm, £75 Whittonshields, £74 High Shipley, £73 China Hall, £72.50 Ridley Farm, £71 Low Struthers, £70.50 Stone Hall, £69 Crowhall, £67.50 High Shipley, £67 China Hall, £66.50 Milfield Demesne, £66 Stone Hall

Suffolk x – £76, & £73 Low Struthers, £72.50 Flotterton

Beltex x – £77.50 China Hall

Crossbred – £71 Whittonshields

Hexham Breeding Cattle | Friday 20th July 2018

Commercial Breeding Cattle

The monthly Beef Breeding Sale saw a small entry which met a resistance at the ringside as grass shortages now begin to take effect. Heifers with Calves at foot peeked at £1500 for a nice Limousin outfit from Howard Robson, Dale House whilst Cows with Calves topped at £1480 from Michael Murray, Dene House, Satley for an upstanding Blue Cross.

Within the monthly sale a dispersal of commercial Saler cross suckler cows and calves were offered for sale on behalf of Messrs Shepherd, Field House Farm, Driffield. These peaked also at £1500 for a first calver heifer with a smart, March born heifer calf by the Blue cross Charolais Bull.

Scots Gap Mart | Wednesday 18th July 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Scots Gap Auction mart sold 352 prime and cast sheep at their weekly sale and returned averages of £81.32 for 43.9kg at 185.4ppkg with an SQQ figure of 186.5ppkg. The sale peaked at £100 twice both times for super heavy weight Texel cross lambs from Graham Williamson, Longshaws whilst Dave Brodie, The Chesters sold a smart pen of eleven Texel crosses at 204.6ppkg. Cast sheep peaked at £105 for three heavy Texel cross ewes from Tim Oliver, East Farm, Great Whittington and all cast classes sold to good rates. More prime lambs are now required to meet demand, especially lambs in excess of 48kg.

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £100 (x2) Longshaws, £96 High Baulk, £95 Tuthill, £95 Rugley Walls, £90 (x2) The Chesters, £90 Longwitton, £88 Town Farm, £87 The Chesters, £86 Whittonshields, £85.50 Rugley Walls, £85 Tuthill, £85 High Baulk, £84.50 Longshaws, £84 Crescent Farm

204.6p The Chesters, 197.6p Dykehead, 197.4p Longshaws, 196.3p Dykehead, 192.7p Town Farm, 191.5p Longshaws, 190.7p Whittonshields, 190.5p Thornbrough, 190.2p Whittonshields, 189.1p The Chesters, 188.9p High Baulk, 187.8p High House, 187.5p Thornbrough, 187.2p Dykehead, 186.1p High Baulk, 185.6p Crescent Farm

Suffolk x - £90 Tuthill, £85 The Chesters, £84 Crescent Farm

190.9p Crescent Farm, 188.9p The Chesters, 173.9p Town Farm

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x - £105 East Farm, £94 Little Swinburne, £94 East Farm, £72 Dykehead

Mule - £72 South Farm, £70.50 Little Swinburne, £61.50 South Farm

Blackface - £69.50 East Farm & £40 South Farm

Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 17th July 2018


Prime Cattle

A nice show of clean cattle this week topped at 2.235ppk for a well fleshed Limousin x heifer from Messrs A Hall & Son, Barker House.

For entries and enquiries please contact Drew Patrick on either 01434 605444 or 07854361967

Limousin Heifers – 223.5p Barker House, 220.5p Flotterton

Charolais Heifers – 205.5p Flotterton

Limousin Heifers – £1421.46 Barker House, £1199.52 Flotterton

Charolais Heifers – £1196.01 Flotterton


A larger show of cows presented this week.  Trade followed yesterday’s national trade and was easier on the week.
Top grossing cow this week came from Messrs JB&N Harrison & Son, Colepike selling for £1204.98
Top pence per kilo cow came from Messrs Huddleston, Round Meadows realising 1.64ppk
OTM steers sold for 1.685ppk for Messrs R Kellet & Son, White House Slaley.

British Blue – 168.5p White House Slaley, 149.5p Little Swinburne

Limousin – 164.5p Round Meadows, 152.5p Dunns Houses, 151.5p The Steel, 145.5p Fairnley, 139.5p The Steel & Flotterton, 136.5p Colepike & Dene House

Blonde – 153.5p Colepike

Simmental – 136.5p Dunns Houses & Middle White Hill

Angus – 135.5p Flotterton

Beef Shorthorn – 134.5p Barker House

Blonde - £1204.98 Colepike, £1032.12 The Deans

Angus – £1178.85 Flotterton, £938.60 Colepike

Limousin – £1148.21 Round Meadows, £1140.70 Dunns Houses, £1078.68 The Steel, £1031.94 Colepike, £1008.59 Flotterton, £997.82 Dene House, £925.20 Halton Red House

Simmental - £1086.54 Middle White Hill, £1068.80 Dunns Houses, £1015.98 Springwell

British Blue - £1053.13 White House Slaley, £1012.79 Steel Hall

Beef Shorthorn - £1026.24 Barker House

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Similar numbers to last week and trade dearer on the week with good well fleshed lambs lifting the average and others at similar rates to last week.

Top price per head £92 for Texel x from M/s A Hall & Son, Barker House.
Top price per kilo 207.1p also Texel x from M/s JK & F Charlton, Middle Farm Cottage.

Texel x – £92 Barker House, £91.50 Wallhouses (x2), £90 High Baulk, £88 Crescent Farm & Wallhouses, £87 High Eshells (x2) & Middle Farm, £86.50 High Baulk, £85.80 Barker House, £85.40 Wallhouses, £85 Ravenside & North Cocklake, £84 Fell Lane, £83.90 Ravenside, £83.20 Barker House, £82 Fell Lane & Aydonshields, £81.50 Merryshields, Aydonshields & Middle Farm

207.1p Middle Farm & High Eshells, 206.4p Lingey Field, 204.9p Fell Lane, 204.4p Barker House, 202.3p High Eshells, 201.2p High Baulk, 200p East House, 195p Crescent Farm, 194.9p Merryshields, 190.7p Ravenside & Aydonshields, 190.5p Fell Lane, 189.5p Middle Farm & Sherburn Tower, 188.2p Nilston Rigg, 187.5p High Baulk, 186.4p Fell Lane, 185.7p Middle Farm, 184.5p Mickley Moor, 184.2p Nilston Rigg, 182.9p Lingey Field, 181.4p North Cocklake, 181.3p Sherburn Tower

Suffolk x – £77 Merryshields, £76.80 Steel Hall, £74 Chesterwood, £73 Merryshields, £72.50 Steel Hall, £71.80 Flotterton (x2)

178.1p Merryshields, 176.8p & 174.6p Steel Hall, 171p Flotterton (x2)

Charollais x - £76.80 & 163.4p Low Barns

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x – £90 Lingey Field, £82 Rare Dean, £75 Lough Green

Mule – £76 Rare Dean, £75 Lingey Field

Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 13th July 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts had forward a small show of 95 head of store cattle for their weekly sale.  With a mixed show of quality presented trade was in line with that seen last week and topped at £1355 for a strong Charolais cross heifer from Malcolm Smith, Branton Middlesteads. The North Northumberland consignor followed with two more at £1260 and £1250 to complete a trade leading trio.  The prolonged dry spell and stunted pastures now appear to be taking effect in regard to younger yearling types with rainfall desperately needed by all. 

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Charolais x heifers – £1080 Farnamullan

Limousin x heifers - £975 The Fawns

Simmental x steers - £1040 Farnamullan

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Charolais x steers – £1150 The Granary, £1140 Farnamullan, £1080 The Granary

Charolais x heifers – £1355, £1260, £1250, £1140 & £1000 Branton Middlesteads

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Charolais x steers – £1080, £1010 & £955 Castle Nook

Charolais x heifers - £815 Castle Nook

Limousin x steers – £825 Castle Nook

Beef Shorthorn steers – £800 Fairnley

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers – £800 West End Town

Angus x steers – £830 Duncombe Moor

Store Sheep

Hexham and Northern Marts at their opening seasonal sale for store lambs and ewes had an overall entry of 821 head.

Store lambs were in wonderful condition considering the long dry spell.  A full ring of customers present resulting in a highly satisfactory trade selling to a top of £78 for Beltex x lambs from Grange Houses.

Leading Prices;

Cast Ewes

Texel x – £70 Haining Head

Zwartbles x – £58 Three Farms

Crossbred - £69 & £57 Steel Hall

Store Lambs

Texel x – £74 Whittonshields, £69 Wolf Hills, £67.50 Armonside, £67 Thornley Pit House, £66.50 (x2) Crowhall, £66 Milfield Demesne, £65 Thornley Pit House, £64 Chattlehope, £63 Milfield Demesne (x2) & Armonside

Suffolk x – £59.50 Milfield Demesne, £58 Thornley Pit House

Beltex x - £78 & £67 Grange House

Crossbred – £60.50 Milfield Demesne

Scots Gap Mart | Wednesday 11th July 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Scots Gap Mart at their weekly sale sold prime lambs to a top of £95 for a heavyweight Bleu du Maine cross from William Hall, New Houses, Hallington and a smart pen of Texels at 217.1ppkg from the same home.

Many more lambs are required to meet buyer demand.

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £95 New Houses, Halllington, £95 Whittonshields, £93 New Houses, Hallington, £93 Whittonshields, £90 East House, £90 Fairspring, £90 Longshaws, £89 New Houses, Hallington, £85 (x2) East House, £85 Whittonshields, £84 Longshaws, £83 Whittonshields, £82 Lingey Field, £82 Fairspring, £81.80 East House.

217.1p New House, Hallington, 205.0p Lingey Field, 202.4p Whittonshields, 197.7p & 195.1p East House, 195.0p Longshaws, £194.8p East House, 193.0p Whittonshields, 189.8p New Houses, Hallington, 184.8p East Houses, 182.7p Whittonshields, 182.6p Longshaws, 181.8p West Grange.

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x - £90 Lingey Field

Suffolk x - £65 Rugley Walls


Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 10th July 2018


Prime Cattle

Clean cattle sold to a top of 223.5ppk for a marvellous Charolais Heifer from Flotterton.

Charolais Heifers – 223.5p & £1403.58 Flotterton


A small show of cows submitted to an increased ringside of purchasers.  All classes were good to sell with prices being similar to recent weeks.

British Blue – 166.5p Little Swinburne, 149.5p South Kirkheaton

Limousin – 160.5p Low Eshells

Angus – 153.5p South Kirkheaton, 152.5p Little Swinburne, 141.5p Hartley West

Shorthorn – 153.5p, 150.5p & 146.5p Fairnley

Hereford – 138.5p Lee Hall, 136.5p Elrington Hall

British Blue - £1278.72 Little Swinburne, £1154.60 Errington, £1064.44 South Kirkheaton

Angus – £1238.30 Little Swinburne, £1138.97 South Kirkheaton, £969.28 Hartley West

Shorthorn - £1196.9, £1181.95 & £1011.36 Fairnley

Limousin – £1139.55 Low Eshells, £1119.30 Elrington Hall, £1059.13 Lee Hall

Hereford - £1019.75 South Kirkheaton

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

With more numbers forward lamb trade a lot harder work today as expected following the national trend.
Top price of the day £85.80 for Texel x lambs from WR Sparke & Son, Little Swinburne.
Top price per kilo 204.3p also Texels from the same vendor.

Texel x – £85.80 (x2) Little Swinburne, £85 Longshaws & Low Ardley, £84 Nunwick, £83.80 Beaumont House, £82 Low Eshells (x2), £81.50 High Eshells, £81 Little Swinburne & Low Ardley, £80 Beaumont House & Low Ardley, £78 Little Swinburne & Low Eshells

204.3p (x2) & 192.9p Little Swinburne, 192.5p East Matfen, 191.3p Nunwick, 190.2p Little Swinburne, 189.2p East Matfen, 189p Nunwick, 188.2p Middle Dukesfield & Nilston Rigg, 187.2p Middle Dukesfield, 186.7p Nunwick, 186.1p Low Ardley, 185.5p Nilston Rigg, 185.2p High Eshells, 184.2p East Matfen, 184.1p Middle Dukesfield & Low Ardley

Suffolk x – £82 Low Eshells, £81.20 Merryshields, £78 Nunwick, £76.50 Hetherington, £75 Merryshields & Hetherington

194.6p Middle Dukesfield, 186.8p Nunwick, 186.6p Hetherington, 173.3p Nunwick, 170.8p Low Eshells

Cheviot x- £77 & 167.4p Flotterton

Mule – £64 Lowes Fell

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £100 & 140.9p East Matfen

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x –£100 East Matfen, £97 & £90 Middle Dukesfield, £87 & £85 East Matfen, £70 Great Bavington (x2)

Mule – £79 East Matfen, £71 & £68 Flotterton, £66 Great Bavington

Hexham Store Cattle & Sheep | Friday 6th July 2018

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts at their weekly sale of store cattle offered a catalogued entry of 137 head.  A more mixed show than seen previously sold easier on the week as no doubt harvest is beginning under a baking sun which is now showing signs of detriment on certain pastures.

With a dearth of forward steers on the day it was a trio of Limousin heifers that held the tops slots; the sale leader was a smart and hefty red lady from Brian Charlton, East Newham that scaled to £1255 whilst another from Mark Linkleter, West Kirkheaton followed at £1180 and an older type at 24 months from Kirkley Hall College changed hands at £1170.

Whilst fleshed types sold well across the board, leaner, longer keep types were harder to cash and the nationwide need for a good shower of rain took its toll on younger grass cattle.

Leading prices; 

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Charolais x heifers – £980 Farnamullan

Limousin x heifers - £1170 Kirkley Hall & East Newham, £1120 Kirkley Hall, £1075 East Newham, £1030 Kirkley Hall, £1020 Kirkley Hall & East Newham

Hereford x steers - £980 Parkside

Blue Grey steers – £940 Mount Pleasant

Galloway steers - £930 Mount Pleasant

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Charolais x heifers – £1155 Farnamullan

Limousin x heifers – £1255 & £1030 East Newham, £1000 The Granary

Beef Shorthorn steers - £1120 Parkside

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Charolais x heifers - £1155 Farnamullan

Limousin x steers – £1100 East Newham, £910 Hollin Close

Limousin x heifers – £1180 West Farm, £1000 Steel Hall, £970 Farnamullan, £920 West Farm

British Blue x steers – £950 Elf Hills

Hereford x steers – £865 Greenfield

Beef Shorthorn x steers – £950 Fairnley

Store Sheep

Please note – Opening Sale of Store Lambs next week

For entries and enquiries please contact our Auctioneers 01434 605444

Cast Ewes

Texel x – £90 & £80 Bolam West House

Suffolk – £94 Steel Hall

Suffolk x – £85 & £73 Bolam West House

Mule – £75 Bolam West House, £69 Steel Hall

Blackface – £49 Barron House

Crossbred – £76 Steel Hall

Scots Gap Mart | Wednesday 4th July 2018

Scots Gap Auction Mart

Wednesday 4th July 2018

Scots Gap mart sold 342 Prime and Cast sheep at their weekly sale. Lambs peaked at £110 twice, both for heavyweight Texel crosses, the first from Eddie Robson, High Baulk, and also from Jeremy Dodds, Milbourne High House. The pen of three from High Baulk sold to 224.5p which also led the price per kilo on the day. The sale averaged 206.5ppkg which was in-line with other centres earlier in the week.

Cast sheep peaked at £120 for a big homebred Texel cross ewe from Malcolm Corbett, Dykehead. A pen of four from William Hall, New Houses, Hallington to £118. All classes were in demand and more could of easily have been sold to advantage.

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £110 High Baulk, £110 High House, £100 Styford, £94 East House, £92 Styford, £90 East House, £90 Town Farm, £90 High Baulk, £90 Barrasford Green, £88 East House, £88 Grange House, £87.50 East House, £86 Crescent Farm, £86 Thornbrough, £85 High House, £85 Grange House

224.5p & 219.5p High Baulk, 218.7p Gunnerton, 215.0p Crescent Farm, 215.0p Thornbrough, 213.4p East House, 212.8p Thornbrough, 210.0p East House, 209.5p Grange House, 208.9p East House, 207.3p Styford, 207.3p & 206.1p Grange House, 205.1p High House, 204.9p West Grange, 204.4p Styford.

Suffolk x - £ 84 Grange House, £78.50 Town Farm, £74 Gunnerton

195.4p Grange House, 194.7p Gunnerton, & 191.5p Town Farm  

Cast Ewes and Rams  

Texel x - £120 Dykehead, £118 New Houses, Hallington, £104 Dykehead, £94 High Baulk, £91 Grange House, £89 Dykehead, £88 New Houses, £85 & £80 Grange House

Beltex x - £98, £90, £84 & £81 Bavington Hill Head

Suffolk x - £100 & £95 Grange House, £87.50 Gunnerton, £81 New Houses, Hallington, £74 Grange Houses 

Mule - £63 Grange House 

Cheviot Mule - £99 & £74 Bavington Hill Head 

Lleyn - £78 & £66.50 Dykehead

Blackface – £60 Rookland,



Hexham Primestock | Tuesday 3rd July 2018


Prime Cattle

Prime cattle this week topped at 247.5ppk for a tremendous Limousin x heifer consigned by M/s TW Dinning & Son, Watch Currock.

FT Walton, Flotterton sold heifers to 215.5ppk and 214.5ppk.

More prime cattle needed every week with butchers going home empty handed today.

Limousin Heifers – 247.5P Watch Currock

Charolais Heifers – 215.5p & 214.5p Flotterton

Limousin Heifers – £1512.23 Watch Currock

Charolais Heifers – £1314.55 & £1304.16 Flotterton


A better show of cows this week that sold to a nice trade. Fleshier cows selling between 168-174ppk.  Feeding cows slightly easier on the week but still plenty of men for them.

Two cows topped the p/kg this week at 173.5ppk. One being from M/s R Kellet & Sons, White House, Slaley and the other from M/s JR Nevin & Sons, Parkside.

Top grossing cow was a tremendous Limousin cow from M/s RD Archer & Son, Carry House realising £1386.90

For further information and entries for next week please call the office 01434 605444

British Blue – 173.5p White House Slaley, 149.5p High Town, 143.5p Holly Hill West

Limousin – 173.5p Parkside, 167.5p Carry House, 160.5p Flotterton, 157.5p High Town, 151.5p& 143.5p Flotterton, 142.5p & 141.5p Luns House

Angus – 143.5p Flotterton

Beef Shorthorn – 141.5p Middle Horsleyhope

Limousin – £1386.90 Carry House, £1314.50 Flotterton, £1172.86 Parkside, £1131.45 Luns House, £1077.17 Flotterton, £1055.59 Luns House, £1038.94 Flotterton, £994.41 Luns House, £981.23 High Town

Angus – £1271.41 Flotterton, £928.52 High Staward

Beef Shorthorn - £1215.49 Middle Horsleyhope

Hereford - £1146.23 High Staward

British Blue - £1038.94 Holly Hill West, £957.72 White House Slaley

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

More numbers forward and lamb trade easier on the week.

Top price per head £113.50 for Texel x from M/s T Common & Son, Low Ardley.

Top price per kilo 241.3p also Texel x from M/s E,P&R Telfer, Merryshields.

Texel x – £113.50 & £107 Low Ardley, £105 Merryshields, £103 Low Ardley, £102 West Mill Hills (x2) & Aydonshields, £101 Middle Dukesfield, £100 Nunwick, £98 Aydonshields, £97.50 The Snape, £97 Grange House & Nilston Rigg, £96.50 Merryshields & Low Ardley, £96 Salmonswell, £95.50 Cheeseburn Grange, £95 Fell Lane & Blue Gables, £94 West Mill Hills, Grange House & China Hall

241.3p Merryshields, 235.5p Nunwick, 233.3p Aydonshields, 231.7p Fell Lane, 229p Grange House, 226.7p West Mill Hills (x2), 223.8p China Hall, 221.7p Aydonshields, 221.6p Salmonswell, 220.9p Blue Gables, 220.7p Mickley Moor, 220.2p Nilston Rigg, 220p Middle Dukesfield, 218.8p Merryshields & Flotterton, 218.4p Nilston Rigg, 216.7p Lodge Farm & Snape Farm, 215.1p Grange House, 214.4p Low Ardley, 214.1p East Cocklaw, 213.6p West Mill Hills, 213.5p Salmonswell, 213.4p Cheeseburn Grange, 212.8p Aydonshields, 211.5p Lodge Farm, 210.8p Chattlehope

Suffolk x – £105.50 Merryshields, £100 Steel Hall & Merryshields, £94 Nunwick, £91.50 Steel Hall, £90 Fell Lane, £89 Chesterwood

222.2p Merryshields, 216.7p Nunwick, 212.8p Steel Hall (x2), 210p Merryshields, 208.9p Nunwick, 204.6p Fell Lane, 200p Flotterton, 192.1p Codlaw Hill

Charollais x - £100 & £90 Beaumont House

201.2p, 200p & 196.1p Beaumont House

Beltex x - £82 & 221.6p Grange House

Cheviot Mule - £90 & 209.3p Nunwick

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £87 & £70 Crag House

155.4p Crag House

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x£77 Blue Gables, £71 Crag House, £66 Flotterton

Suffolk x - £79 Flotterton

Cheviot x – £100, £91 & £78 Flotterton

Mule – £76 Flotterton